PA 312

pa 312

Communities Controlling Their Own Costs –
PA 312 and Mandatory Binding Arbitration

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After 40 years of struggle with PA 312, in June 2011 the legislature made critical reforms to PA 312. 

The bill makes the following changes:

      • Makes ability to pay the primary factor an arbitrator must consider in an arbitration.
      • Defines what an arbitrator has to consider for ability to pay.
      • Requires an arbitrator to consider internal comparables as well as external.
      • Shortens the process to 180 days.
      • Moves up last best offer to be submitted following mediation.
      • Includes future authorities in PA 312. It grandfathers existing authorities unless they are currently organized or under a union contract. If an existing authority expands it would be subject to PA 312.


House Bill 4522

Press Release: PA 312 Reforms Mark Victory for Taxpayers, Will Keep More Police Officers & Firefighters on the Job (PDF)
The Michigan Municipal League


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