SHOW 4, April 28, 2010: The New Urban Neighborhood

SHOW 4, April 28, 2010: The New Urban Neighborhood

During our April 28 show, we talked about the new Michigan urban neighborhood. Michigan’s future success is hinged on the vitality of its neighborhoods. Millennials and boomers alike seek urban settings where buildings go up rather than out. They want to have easy, walkable access to places where they live, work, shop and play. Prosperity Agenda host Dan Gilmartin is joined by co-host Marjorie Sorge, executive editor of the Detroit Regional News Hub. Guests include Dennis Sturtevant, chief executive of Dwelling Place in Grand Rapids; Keith Molin, executive director of the Michigan State Housing and Development Authority (MSHDA); Charles Pugh, Detroit City Council president; and Brian Conway, state historic preservation officer for MSHDA.

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(Length – 39:24)

Dan Gilmartin

Dan Gilmartin, executive director and CEO of the Michigan Municipal League, discusses why it’s so important to have places where people want to live.

Gilmartin explains what this show is about. (length – 1:29)

Marjorie Sorge

Marjorie Sorge, executive editor of Detroit Regional News Hub, has what many might consider the toughest, potentially futile job in Detroit: Convincing the media there are good stories in Detroit. Detroit Regional News Hub connects journalists to information regarding the Detroit area.

Sorge explains how she helps reporters who come to Michigan to do stories about Detroit. The types of reporting is shifting to more balanced coverage.
(length – 7:11)

Dennis Sturtevant

Dennis Sturtevant is chief executive officer of Dwelling Place. His organization is involved in transforming a portion of Grand Rapids once known as a problem area. The section off Division Avenue is now a model for the new Michigan Neighborhood.

Sturtevant describes how art is being used to bring in residents and jobs and transform a Grand Rapids neighborhood.
(length – 0:40)

Keith Molin

Keith Molin, executive director of the Michigan State Housing Development Authority, works to improve the quality of life for Michigan residents by keeping the Authority focused on providing safe and affordable housing through home ownership and rental programs, ending homelessness, and revitalizing neighborhoods and downtowns through urban development initiatives; all of which will create vibrant communities in Michigan.

Michigan is full of “can-do” people and our state can leverage that to bring in new businesses and revive our communities.
(length – 7:56)

Charles Pugh

Charles Pugh, president of the Detroit City Council, is a lifelong Detroit resident. He is a former journalist and worked for 10 years as a reporter and anchor on Fox 2 News. He’s excited about how the views of Detroit are changing among young adults.

The Detroit area needs to stop dwelling on the past and start focusing on the future and getting high-speed rail is one way.
(length – 10:49)

Brian Conway

Brian Conway, Michigan’s state historic preservation officer, directs the division of MSHDA responsible for the identification, registration, protection and development of historic properties throughout the state. His office promotes the reuse of and investment in historic buildings.

Historic preservation is vital to maintaining community character and giving people a sense of place. It can lead to job creation and help sustain neighborhoods.(length – 8:42)

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