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December 6, 2013

Better Communities. Better Michigan. The Podcast!

Welcome to Better Communities Better Michigan - the Podcast! The Michigan Municipal League is the one clear voice for Michigan communities, working in Lansing and throughout the state for the unique and vibrant places where people want to live. From…
November 7, 2013

A Few of My Favorite (Placemaking) Things

As I travel around to different cities and places, my camera is always ready to capture that "aha" moment.  You probably have things in your own back yard, but don't see them because you walk by them every day. But…
July 1, 2013

PALM XXXII: End of the Ride

During the week of June 21-28, 2013, the PALM XXXII bike tour gave me the opportunity to experience bikeability issues in Michigan literally from the ground up. Now that the ride is over, I'd like to talk about how PALM…
June 23, 2013

PALM Day Two: Civic Engagement

Today we rode about 50 miles from Norton Shores to Grandville. The route planners did an amazing job: we rode past acres and acres of blueberry bushes and asparagus fields, farmhouses and cottages overlooking wetlands and lakes, rolling farm fields…
June 22, 2013

PALM Day One: Biking for Beginners

It's Day One of the 2013 PALM and we're camped out on the grounds of a local middle school in Norton Shores on the west side of the state. One semi broke down so some people are still waiting for…
June 18, 2013

CNU21- A Few Reflections

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend the Congress for the New Urbanism Conference (CNU21) in Salt Lake City (SLC). I was sure that I would be let down following my barely contained anticipation of the…
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