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June 5, 2019

Legislative Activity Update – June 5

With the Legislature taking a breather last week following their work on no-fault auto insurance reform (Senate Bill 1), the focus from Lansing was on the activity at the Detroit Regional Chamber’s Mackinac Policy Conference on Mackinac Island. Members of…
May 29, 2019

PPT Reimbursement Update

As Treasury continues to implement changes to the state's Personal Property Tax reimbursement system that were enacted last year, many communities received the second portion of their 2018 reimbursement distributions from the Local Community Stabilization Authority (LCSA) in recent days.…
May 23, 2019

Legislative Activity Update

As the Legislature moves towards a potential summer recess, a number of keys issues have dominated the political landscape - Auto Insurance Reform Most of the recent work in Lansing has centered on the House and Senate movement of auto no-fault…
March 28, 2019

Treasury Provides Guidance to Villages on New Assessing Law

The State Tax Commission recently provided guidance to villages with boundaries that cross multiple township and/or county lines.  The League was able to secure language in last fall's assessing reform legislation that allows any village that crosses into multiple jurisdictions…
February 13, 2019

PPT Reimbursement Error Correction Process Announced

Earlier this afternoon Treasury staff shared the following information as part of the 2018 amendments that the League supported to the state's Personal Property Tax reimbursement system.  A key component of last year's law change allows communities to seek corrections…
January 17, 2019

House & Senate Committees Announced

Following the Senate's release of their committee membership last week, the House released their committees late yesterday, signaling the real beginning for legislative activity in this new term.  Now that committees in both chambers have been finalized, consideration of new…
December 6, 2018

Bills Correct Court Decision Concerns Under PA 152

A recent court decision has disrupted how many communities have been operating under PA 152 of 2011, the state's hard cap/80-20 law.  Both the House and Senate are considering bills that would address two key components of the recent Command…
December 3, 2018

Pension/OPEB Bonding Expansion Possible

Rogers City Mayor Scott McLennan and City Manager Joe Hefele traveled to Lansing last week to testify with their State Senator - Sen. Jim Stamas, the bill sponsor. The Senate Michigan Competitiveness Committee reported Senate Bill 1129 last week with…
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