$500,000 in Grant Funding Available for Priority Health Statewide Wellness Campaign

Posted on May 12, 2023 by Matt Bach

A Priority Health Fitness Court launches in Grand Rapids (August 9, 2022)

The Michigan Municipal League is sharing this information for our members at the request of Priority Health and the National Fitness Campaign. Several Michigan communities already have these outdoor fitness courts and funding is now available for additional courts throughout the state.

Here are the details:

We are reaching out today with some exciting news. Priority Health has continued their statewide partnership with National Fitness Campaign (NFC) to launch $500,000 in grant funding for future-ready cities and schools across Michigan. This funding will be allocated to support municipalities across the state in joining the growing NFC wellness campaign building healthy infrastructure to smart cities and schools of the future. NFC’s award-winning initiative is now planning its 500th Healthy Community in America and is poised to deliver vital outdoor wellness programs helping to fight the obesity epidemic across the country.

If you are not yet familiar with the campaign, the program is designed to bring world-class healthy infrastructure to public spaces, along with consulting, funding and community programming support, and was formed in response to the growing health crisis in America caused by sedentary lifestyles. Please watch the National Fitness Campaign 3-minute video describing the program.

Through the continued partnership, Priority Health and NFC will work with municipalities who believe wellness is a priority, to bring the campaign to cities and schools across Michigan in 2024, with the goal of making free, world-class fitness accessible to all.

Through our partnership with NFC, the Michigan Municipal League is pleased to provide priority access to application briefings for our members across Michigan who may be interested in qualifying for funding and partnership. The briefing is a 30-minute zoom call which will qualify your community for a feasibility study and grant application.

If you would like to receive a briefing to learn more about the program and how to qualify, please fill out the short contact form on the program’s official web page:

Typically, the briefings with NFC require the Park Director, Mayor, or Town Manager and/or Administrator to qualify for funding. Funding is now available for 2024 site partners and is projected to be allocated over the next 60 days.



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