Treasury Releases Updates on CARES Funded Programs Impacting Local Units

Posted on August 27, 2020 by Dene Westbrook

The Michigan Department of Treasury released the following updates  this afternoon on federal CARES Act programs aimed at supporting local units of government.  These programs include the $150 million in replacement funding for the suspended August 2020 statutory (CVTRS) revenue sharing payments, the $100 million hazard pay premium allowance for first responders, and the $200 million public safety/public health payroll reimbursement program for eligible April and May payroll expenses.

In addition to the August CVTRS replacement award amounts for each community, Treasury’s Revenue Sharing web page should be updated ahead of the August 31, 2020 CRLGG payment date to also include payment details for the August disbursement of Constitutional revenue sharing.

Update on Local Government CARES Act Programs

Coronavirus Relief Local Government Grants (CRLGG) Program.

Information is now available on the Michigan Department of Treasury’s website regarding the Coronavirus Relief Local Government Grants (CRLGG) Program.

Cities, villages, townships and counties that would have received an August 2020 payment under the City, Village and Township Revenue Sharing (CVTRS), County Revenue Sharing (CRS), or County Incentive Program (CIP) will receive a payment under this program on Monday, August 31st. A listing of CRLGG qualified local units and payment amounts can be found on the CRLGG website.

First Responder Hazard Pay Premiums Program (FRHPPP)

The first round of First Responder Hazard Pay Premiums Program (FRHPPP) advance payments were not issued on August 24, 2020, as planned. Unfortunately, the review process has required more time than anticipated. Treasury has dedicated additional staff to complete the reviews, which should allow Treasury to issue the advance payments in early September.

Treasury will announce the award amounts as soon as the reviews are completed allowing time for applicants to issue hazard pay premium payments to their employees by September 30th.

Please monitor the FRHPPP website for award announcements.

Numbered Letter 2020-4

The Michigan Department of Treasury issued Numbered Letter 2020-4, to assists local units of government with the receipting of revenues related to the Public Safety and Public Health Payroll Reimbursement Program (PSPHPR), First Responder Hazard Pay Premiums Program (FRHPPP) and the Coronavirus Relief Local Government Grants (CRLGG) Program. This guidance advises entities on how to record and accrue funds granted under 2020 Public Act 144.

Additional Information

The Michigan Department of Treasury has developed a webpage with numbered letters, memorandums, webinars, and resources regarding COVID-19 updates for local governments and school districts. This web page was created to ensure that Michigan communities have access to the most up-to-date guidance and is updated frequently with information and resources as they become available. 

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