New House Committee Membership Announced

Posted on January 30, 2017 by Dene Westbrook

With the kick off of the 99th Legislative Session this month, House Speaker Tom Leonard recently unveiled committee assignments for that chamber.  Of the 110 House members, 22 have backgrounds in municipal government.

A number of these former municipal officials have been appointed as chairs for the Communications & Technology, Local Government, Natural Resources, and Workforce & Talent Development committees, as well as to the vice chair position for the Appropriations committee and as chair of the General Government budget subcommittee with jurisdiction over revenue sharing.

The list below gives the name of the committee, partisan split and the last name of the committee member. Legislators with municipal background are indicated with an asterisk.

Agriculture (7-5 GOP)

Republicans: Chair Barrett, Vice Chair Alexander, Albert, Calley, Howell*, Frederick*, Lauwers

Democrats: Minority Vice Chair Elder*, Kivela*, Phelps, Sabo, Sneller

Appropriations (18-11 GOP)

Republicans: Chair Cox, Vice Chair VerHeulen*, Afendoulis, Allor, Bizon, Brann, Canfield, Hernandez, Inman, Kelly, LaSata, Marino, Miller, Pagel, VanSingel, Victory, Whiteford, Yaroch*

Democrats: Minority Vice Chair Durhal, Cochran, Faris, Hoadley, LaGrand*, Kosowski*, Pagan, Peterson, Rabhi, Santana, Yanez

Commerce and Trade (9-6 GOP)

Republicans: Chair Leutheuser, Vice Chair Garcia, Frederick*, Hornberger, Hughes, Iden, Kesto, McCready*, Rendon

Democrats: Minority Vice Chair Schor*, Byrd, Camilleri, Cook Scott, Geiss, Greimel

Communications and Technology (7-4 GOP)

Republicans: Chair Hoitenga*, Vice Chair Griffin, Glenn, Lower*, Runestad, Sheppard, Tedder

Democrats: Minority Vice Chair Phelps, Hertel, Lasinski, Jones*

Education Reform (10-5 GOP)

Republicans: Chair Kelly, Vice Chair Hornberger, Alexander, Crawford*, Garcia, Griffin, Lilly, Noble, Reilly, Roberts

Democrats: Minority Vice Chair Zemke, Brinks, Camilleri, Chang, Sowerby

Elections and Ethics (6-3 GOP)

Republicans: Chair Miller, Vice Chair Calley, Garcia, Kesto, Lilly, Webber*

Democrats: Minority Vice Chair Guerra, Moss*, Zemke

Energy Policy (12-7 GOP)

Republicans: Chair Glenn, Vice Chair Hauck, Barrett, Bellino, Cole, Farrington, Griffin, Johnson, LaFave, Lower*, Reilly, Tedder

Democrats: Minority Vice Chair Lasinski, Camilleri, Dianda, Elder*, Garrett, Green*, Kivela*

Families, Children and Seniors (7-4 GOP)

Republicans: Chair Rendon, Vice Chair Noble, Farrington, Hughes, Kahle, McCready*, Roberts

Democrats: Minority Vice Chair Liberati, Gay-Dagnogo, Ellison*, Robinson

Financial Liability Reform (6-3 GOP)

Republicans: Chair Albert, Vice Chair Reilly, Leutheuser, Lucido, Maturen, McCready*

Democrats: Minority Vice Chair Wittenberg, Cook Scott, Sneller

Financial Services (5-4 GOP)

Republicans: Chair Sheppard, Vice Chair Farrington, Lilly, McCready*, VanderWall

Democrats: Minority Vice Chair Gay-Dagnogo, Clemente, Green*, Zemke

Government Operations (3-2 GOP)

Republicans: Chair Chatfield, Vice Chair Lauwers, Barrett

Democrats: Minority Vice Chair Singh*, Greig
Health Policy (11-6 GOP)

Republicans: Chair Vaupel, Vice Chair Tedder, Calley, Farrington, Garcia, Graves, Hauck, Hornberger, Kahle, Noble, Sheppard

Democrats: Minority Vice Chair Brinks, Hammoud, Hertel, Garrett, Neeley*, Schor*

Insurance (11-6 GOP)

Republicans: Chair Theis, Vice Chair Vanderwall, Barrett, Bellino, Glenn, Hoitenga*, LaFave, Runestad, Vaupel, Webber*, Wentworth

Democrats: Minority Vice Chair Banks, Gay-Dagnogo, Greimel, Lasinski, Phelps, Wittenberg

Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (3-2 GOP)

Republicans: Chair Johnson, Vice Chair Reilly, Hernandez

Democrats: Minority Vice Chair Schor*, Banks

Judiciary (6-4 GOP)

Republicans: Chair Runestad, Vice Chair Theis, Cole, Hornberger, Howrylak*, LaFave

Democrats: Minority Vice Chair Greimel, Guerra, Robinson, Sowerby

Law & Justice (7-5 GOP)

Republicans: Chair Kesto, Vice Chair Lucido, Albert, Graves, Howrylak*, Roberts, Theis

Democrats: Minority Vice Chair Chang, Guerra, Liberati, Robinson, Wittenberg

Local Government (7-4 GOP)

Republicans: Chair Lower*, Vice Chair Crawford*, Alexander, Frederick*, Hauck, Howell*, Runestad

Democrats: Minority Vice Chair Green*, Ellison*, Moss*, Sabo

Michigan Competitiveness (6-3 GOP)

Republicans: Chair Chatfield, Vice Chair Lilly, Cole, Rendon, Vaupel, Wentworth

Democrats: Minority Vice Chair Geiss, Hammoud, Neeley*

Military and Veterans Affairs (8-5 GOP)

Republicans: Chair Wentworth, Vice Chair Graves, Albert, Barrett, Glenn, Hoitenga*, Hughes, Johnson

Democrats: Minority Vice Chair Sabo, Brinks, Byrd, Elder*, Jones*

Natural Resources (6-3 GOP)

Republicans: Chair Howell*, Vice Chair LaFave, Bellino, Maturen, Rendon, VanderWall

Democrats: Minority Vice Chair Kivela*, Chang, Sowerby

Oversight (4-2 GOP)

Republicans: Chair Graves, Vice Chair Howrylak*, Iden, Johnson

Democrats: Minority Vice Chair Hertel, Chirkun*

Regulatory Reform (10-6 GOP)

Republicans: Chair Iden, Vice Chair Bellino, Crawford*, Griffin, Hauck, Hoitenga*, Leutheuser, Reilly, Theis, Webber*

Democrats: Minority Vice Chair Moss*, Chirkun*, Dianda, Jones*, Liberati, Love

Tax Policy (9-4 GOP)

Republicans: Chair Tedder, Vice Chair Maturen, Howrylak*, Johnson, Kesto, Lower*, Lucido, Kahle, Vaupel

Democrats: Minority Vice Chair Byrd, Hammoud, Ellison*, Neeley*

Tourism and Outdoor Recreation (3-2 GOP)

Republicans: Chair Hughes, Vice Chair VanderWall, Sheppard

Democrats: Minority Vice Chair Dianda, Clemente

Transportation and Infrastructure (9-5 GOP)

Republicans: Chair Cole, Vice Chair Webber*, Alexander, Calley, Howell*, Lucido, Maturen, Noble, Roberts

Democrats: Minority Vice Chair Chirkun*, Banks, Clemente, Love, Sneller

Workforce and Talent Development (6-3 GOP)

Republicans: Chair Frederick*, Vice Chair Kahle, Crawford*, Iden, Leutheuser, Wentworth

Democrats: Minority Vice Chair Love, Cook Scott, Geiss


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