Strong Support for Federal Online Sales Tax Parity in Test Senate Vote

Posted on March 25, 2013 by Dene Westbrook

This Saturday local communities scored a big victory when the Senate voted on an amendment to support Marketplace Fairness as part of the Budget Resolution. The amendment passed 75-24 with BOTH Michigan Senators Stabenow and Levin voting yes. The vote was considered a test vote because it is non-binding as it was tied to the budget. However, this gives the many supporters of this issue a big boost to get this legislation passed, as it shows there is strong support for the measure. Marketplace Fairness would allow states to collect sales taxes from online retailers, eliminating the competitive disadvantage it places upon local retailers and generating much needed revenue. Some estimates propose that it could generate as much as $140 million annually in Michigan. We are hopeful that this legislation will now have momentum over the coming months. We will be certain to keep you posted on any additional progress.

Summer Minnick is the Director of Policy Initiaves and Federal Affairs. She can be reached at 517-908-0301 or [email protected].

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