Issue Papers

The League’s advocacy team spends a great deal of time researching legislative issues of importance to municipalities. Through their research, they develop issue papers and legislative briefs that provide the framework for the League’s efforts to represent municipalities’ best interests at the state and federal level.

Issue Papers

2014 Revenue Sharing Factsheet – The revenue sharing distribution formula was designed to appropriately compensate the communities that support us all and the higher costs they bear. Therefore, when that formula is underfunded, Michigan’s entire economy suffers.

The Great Revenue Sharing Heist – There have been a lot of high profile robberies over the years. The Lufthansa robbery, D.B. Cooper highjacking, the Antwerp Diamond Caper…but these crimes look amateurish compared to the state of Michigan’s Great Revenue Sharing Heist. An article posted from the League’s March/April 2014 Review Magazine 

Home Rule in Michigan
– Then & Now

Long-Term Consequences:
Why Attempts to Further Cap Property Taxes Would Cripple Michigan’s

System Failure Executive Summary

Legislative Briefs

2021-2022 Core Legislative Principles

Economic Development:
Why Abatements and Tax Increment Financing Create Jobs at the Local Level

Current Practices
and Policy Recommendations Concerning Public Act 198 Industrial Facilities
Tax Abatements
(Land Policy Institute, Michigan State University –
October, 2007)

Economic Development Downtown

Centers for MI Revitalization: Legislative Solutions

Centers for MI Revitalization: Background Paper

Commercial Rehabilitation

Liquor Licenses for

Economic Tools for
Michigan’s Developed Communities

Cable Franchising &
PA 480 of 2006

Prosperity Agenda

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