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We Love Where You Live is the Michigan Municipal League's exciting new venture into the world of podcasting. Each week, we'll bring you insightful interviews on city innovations and politics, delve into the challenges of local government finance, share our members' amazing accomplishments, and take a fresh look at stories in the League's magazine.

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The Economics of Place segments feature people on the cutting edge of making cities better.

Host: Dan Gilmartin, CEO & executive director, Michigan Municipal League

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On the SaveMICity segments, we talk about the financial challenges facing Michigan local governments.

Host: Tony Minghine, deputy executive director & COO, Michigan Municipal League

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OPEB/Pension Reforms and Complexities of PA 202

Tony Minghine talks with Brandon Fournier, a leader in labor and OPEB issues, about the complexities of reforming municipalities' obligations and funding regarding pensions and OPEB for retired employees.  Recent reform efforts have resulted in PA 202, which contains a variety of reporting and corrective action plans that communities are trying to understand and implement.

The Michigan Politics, Huh? segments look at Lansing politics from the perspective of a novice. What’s happening in Lansing that might impact your community?

Host: Matt Bach, director of communications, Michigan Municipal League

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League's Lansing Lobbyist Team

We sit down with the Michigan Municipal League’s Lansing team and discuss the upcoming legislative issues that anyone who supports Michigan’s communities should care about. We also get into the impact of term limits, what revenue sharing is all about and what to expect during Lame Duck. Just what is Lame Duck anyway? We explain it all and more.

The Review Déjà vu segments take a fresh look at stories that have appeared in The Review, the League's magazine.

Host: Lisa Donovan, The Review magazine editor, Michigan Municipal League

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The Opioid Crisis

Families, communities, and local governments are falling victim to the opioid crisis in America. Guest Marci Scalera, director of clinical and SUD services for the Community Mental Health Partnership of Southeast Michigan, advocates for a multi-faceted approach to dealing with this crisis: prevention, treatment, and stopping drug trafficking. Hear how some Michigan communities are tackling the problem. And read Scalera's complete article in the March/April 2018 issue of The Review.

The Limelight segments highlight the incredible work being done at the local level, the stories behind the people that do it, and topics that matter to them.

Host: Emily Kieliszewski, membership engagement specialist, Michigan Municipal League 

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Deb Stuart, City Administrator, City of Mason

Deb Stuart  was the recipient of the League’s 2018 Community Builder Award. She discusses her work with MEDC and the transition to municipal management, her advice for women in government, and the City of Mason’s unique characteristics that make it a desirable place for residents and businesses.










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