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Accounting See also: Financial Management

  • - Government Accounting Standards Board

  • - Government Finance Officers Association

  • - National Association of State Auditors, Comptrollers, and Treasurers

Americans with Disabilities See Also: Human Resources

  • - In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act, this site was launched. It provides one-stop access to resources, services and information for persons with disabilities. Topics included in the site thus far are: children and youth, civil rights and protections, employment, housing and numerous others.

  • - Great Lakes Disability & Business Technical Assistance Center

Animal Control


Brownfields - See Environment


  • - A yellow pages with a twist, this site offers listings by business name, category, city and state. Not only do you get the business's phone number and address, but you'll be given a map that shows you where the company is located.

  • - Another useful reference tool is the USPS Zip Code Lookup. Here you can find zip codes for any US address.

Census See also: Statistics


  • - Quick, easy access to facts about people, business and geography. Summary profiles showing frequently requested data items from various Census Bureau programs. Currently, profiles are available at the national, state, and county level.

  • - Because population affects resource sharing and allocation of funds is indicative of economic vitality and shapes political systems, the Population Reference Bureau provides population materials on U.S. and international population trends. Topics range from education, fertility, income/poverty to mortality.

Community Planning

  • - This web site hosts community information, electronic maps and community planning information. Community information is available for the cities of Grand Haven, Ferrysburg, the Village of Spring Lake, and Grand Haven Charter Township. The community planning is of a more general nature, covering topics such as groundwater, soil erosion, and wetland information.

  • - PLANetizen is an online community for those interested in urban planning and development. It's a one-stop shop for news in the planning world, job postings, commentaries and upcoming events.

  • - The Trust for Public Land has recently updated their website. The new site includes up-to-date success stories about land saving resources and publications on creating open space and parks in your community.

  • - The Project for Public Spaces is an organization whose mission is to create and sustain public spaces that build communities.

Downtown Management

Economic Development

  • - The Michigan Economic Development Corporation's mission is to keep good jobs in Michigan and attract more of them. With that in mind, the MEDC website provides a wealth of information from taxes, business incentives, global connections to county data profiles, links to Michigan's labor market information and census figures, as well as the Michigan Data Book.


Emergency Management

  • - The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is an independent agency of the federal government and is devoted to coping with natural disasters. This site includes a list of preparation tips for a various number of emergency situations.


  • - This site takes Congressional Research Service (CRS) reports which are prepared for the U.S. Congress and converts them to an internt-compatible format. From biodiversity to wetlands and pesticides, you can find in-depth, objective reports.

  • - This is sponsored by Public Technology, Inc. which is devoted to the use of technology to redevelop brownfields. It gives users access to a one-stop resource on technologies being used for site characterization and remediation, success storied, information from experts, and a calendar of meetings and events.

  • - Environmental Protection Agency

  • - The U.S. Geological Survey's (USCG) web site, considered the largest collection of earth science in the world, contains information on four major themes: Hazards, Resources, Environment & Information Management. Of special interest is the "Southeast Michigan Drinking Water Initiative" of which Livingston, Oakland and Washtenaw Counties are partners in this study.

  • - The National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy (NRTEE) has launched a virtual library section. This section contains publications on various topics including: natural resources, sustainable development, brownfields, infrastructure, and more.

Financial Management See also: Accounting

  • - Governmental Accounting Standards Bureau has all related accounting standards documents in their current amended format. Allows for ordering resources on-line.

  • - A wealth of finance-oriented information, including a link to the local audit division's home page witch has the entire body of current amended public acts fully cross-indexed and keyword search enabled.

  • - To get to the Michigan Municipal Bond Authority, select "Local Government, then Loans/Bonds, and finally the Michigan Municipal Bond Authority link.

  • - To get to the Local Audit and Finance Division, select "Local Government", then Accounting Information. From here, access the Local Government Audit Information at the bottom of the page.

Government - Federal/State

  • - This is the first ever U.S. Government web site that provides the public with one-stop access to all federal government on-line information and services. It allows you to search for information intuitively by subject or keyword.

  • - This clearinghouse is targeted at students, educators, government employees and citizens wanting to find government-related information. Accessible through this site are government web sites, facts and figures, political information and more. You can find your city's web site, browse through the White House, or link to the Library of Congress of any of the presidents' libraries.



Great Lakes

  • - This site provides information about the interrelationships of the Great Lakes ecosystems that affect the economy, environment and health of its residents. There is a reference desk for fact, figures, directories, glossaries, etc.

  • - All other regional issues on the Great Lakes can be found here.

Historical Preservation

Human Resources

  • - This web site offers over 4500 training titles, customizable training resources, and new e-learning tools for human resource professionals.

  • - Contains thousands of pages of expert HR content. A large portion of it is free.

  • - Provides good articles on the kinds of heads up thinking that is leading the HR profession today.

  • - A search engine that can report base pay and salary ranges for narrowly defined job titles in specific regions.



  • - The State Boundary Commission - The boundary Commission is responsible for reviewing petitions filed by land owners, cities, and individuals in matters involving annexations, consolidations, and incorporations under the State Boundary Commission Act. The Boundary Commission makes final recommendations to the Director of the Department of Consumer and Industry Services on these issues. The section also handles the land sales, condominiums, and county zoning functions.

Jobs/Job Descriptions

  • - From the International Personnel Management Association

  • - From the Georgia Municipal League

  • - A comprehensive resource designed to provide enhanced employment services specifically for the public sector. It includes job postings, resumes, and resources.

  • - Michigan's labor market is available through the Employment Service Agency's Office of Labor Market Information which collects, analyzes and publishes information. OLMI (Office of Labor Market Information) in addition to collecting basic labor market information, also offers technical assistance, training seminars, and customized reports for state geographic uses. The reports available are affirmative action (by sex and race), all areas (by place of residence), LMI facts, annual planning and trend series (by place of residence).

Land Use

  • - This is an educational institute established to study land policy and taxation.

  • - Their mission is to help northern Michigan avoid sprawl and over-development that causes pollution, loss of community, rising costs and a lower quality of life. This organization deals primarily with issues of growth management transportation, property rights, and farmland conservation.

  • - This is a clearinghouse that collects, compiles and disseminates information on best land use practices. There is also a newsletter which contains state and local news, nationwide news and news releases from institutes that work on these issues.

  • - Land Information Access Association

Law Enforcement

  • - A collaborative effort of five national law enforcement organizations, the Consortium delivers community policing training and technical assistance to police departments and sheriff's offices that are designated COPS grantees. Training sessions are held at the state/regional and county levels, and the Consortium offers orientation to community policing as well as sheriff-specific sessions that address their unique issues.

  • - Founded in 1982, NCPC is a private, nonprofit, tax-exempt organization whose mission is to prevent crime and build safer, more caring communities. Home to McGruff the Crime Dog, NCPC provides comprehensive crime prevention technical assistance and training to communities throughout the United States; develops and implements youth development programs; and disseminates information on effective crime prevention practices.

  • - Incorporated in 1977,k PERF is a national membership organization of progressive police executives from the largest city, county and state law enforcement agencies, dedicated to improving policing and advancing professionalism through research and involvement in public policy debate. PERF offers extensive community policing publications and training materials, and actively assists COPS grant funded projects.

  • - Established in 1970, the independent, nonpartisan, and nonprofit Police Foundation works to improve American policing and enhance the capacity of the criminal justice system to function effectively. Visit the Foundation's web site for community policing and crime mapping information and resources, including the Crime Mapping News newsletter.

Legal Information

  • - Includes "In the Courts" which gives you case summaries on new cases on topics of interest to local government lawyers. "The Feature Ordinance" which highlights a new or unusual ordinance each month, including an ordinance prohibiting discrimination on the basis of gender variance; a video terminal display worker safety ordinance; a swimming pool fence ordinance; and an ordinance regulating abandoned shopping carts. An archive of past feature ordinances from the U.S. and Canada is included so you can catch up on prior postings.


Local Government

  • - Municipal Research and Services Center of Washington. Programs and services are available to Washington's 279 cites and 39 counties. MRSC's resources include a professional staff who are local government experts, a comprehensive local government reference library, publications, and an information packed site on the World Wide Web.


  • - An online magazine devoted to helping leaders host better meetings. Articles, how-to checklists, and links - plus an online calculator to help you figure out the cost of your meetings.

  • - Has information for writing bylaws and governing documents, teaching parliamentary procedure, and hints for writing minutes. There is also a place to ask questions.

  • - The web site of the National Association of Parliamentarians. Lots of basic information on parliamentary procedures.

  • - The web site of the American Institute of Parliamentarians. Also some helpful hints on meetings.


  • - Formed in 1985 through MSU's Center for Urban Affiars, NAM is an organization of neighborhood associations and community-based organizations that seeks to educate, empower, and advocate for community members to improve their quality of life in their communities.


  • - For the latest research and information on nonprofits, foundations, giving & volunteering, public policy, and more…



  • - This includes Detroit's site-plan reviews and concept-plan reviews, historic districts, use of the zoning appeals board and funding tools.

  • - American Planning Association

  • - Planning & Zoning Center, Inc. PZC is a multi-disciplinary team of professionals devoted to research, education and consultation in appropriate community planning and development control.




Public Sector

  • - They have added all publications from 1994 to 1999 to their on-line library and 2000 publications will be added in January 2001.

Regional Planning

  • - The Southwest Michigan Regional Planning Commission

  • - The National Association of Development Organizations is the largest advocate for a regional approach to community development. Founded in 1967, NADO provides training, information and representation for regional development organizations in America's small metropolitan and rural areas. NADO is also part of the intergovernmental partnership among federal, state and local governments. This extensive site offers training opportunities, a peer network, policy statements, and an electronic library.


  • - This is a Michigan based site devoted to helping communities locate resources to become safer places to live.

Special Events

State of Michigan


  • - One of the state's clearinghouses for information is the Michigan Information Center, which houses statistics and maps on a range of topics. From census data (current and historical), economic, and geographic data, you can find it here. You can find a variety of maps, based on educational data or income or information by zip codes here also.

  • - These national data books contain a collection of statistics on social and economic conditions in the U.S. They are also your guide to sources of other data from the Census Bureau, other federal agencies and private organizaitons.


  • - The new revised name of PROTEC is "The Michigan Coalition to Protect Public Rights-of-Way". Its mission has also been expanded to include municipal concerns regarding not only telecommunications, but electric and natural gas uses of public rights-of way as well. ¨

Transportation (See also: Safety)

  • - The Transportation Action network disseminates information about transportation and the environment featuring articles, case studies, reports and papers on the transportation system and communities in the U.S.

Youth and Families

  • - This is the place to go if you're looking for information on kids. This web site pulls together federal and state statistics on children and their families. Childstats is the official web site of the Federal Interagency Forum on Child and Family Statistics, which fosters coordination and collaboration on the collection and reporting of information on children and their families.

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