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Telecommunication Sample Ordinances


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Click on one of the communities for a sample Telecommunications ordinance.

(HRC = Home Rule City)

Metro Act Sample Ordinance and Resolution

Boyne City, HRC, (pop. 3,735); DAS/Small cell license agreementDAS/Small cell system lines permit

East Lansing, HRC, (pop. 48,579); DAS/Small cell franchise ResolutionDAS/Small cell franchise agreementDAS/Small cell ordinance

Fenton, HRC, (pop.  11,756); small cell wireless ordinance

Gaylord, HRC, (pop. 3,645); DAS/Small cell license agreement

Grandville, HRC, (pop. 15,378); DAS Tower policy

PROTEC (MI Coalition to Protect Public Rights-of-Way) sample documents:

PROTEC State and Federal Small Cell update – 2019

PROTEC small cell ordinance

Grand ValMetro Council (GVMC) Consortium DAS model documents:

GVMC DAS model rate & fee Resolution

GVMC DAS model regulatory ordinance

GVMC DAS model regulatory ordinance with undergrounding provisions

GVMC DAS model small cell permit

GVMC DAS model zoning ordinance

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