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Economic Vitality Incentive Program (EVIP)

In 2012 statutory revenue sharing was eliminated and replaced by the Economic Vitality Incentive Program (EVIP). On June 9, 2014, the Michigan General Government Budget Conference Report was signed, eliminating EVIP categories 2 & 3. The requirements of EVIP category 1 remain intact, including the citizen guide, dashboard, debt service report and projected budgets. All requirements related to categories 2 & 3 (consolidation & unfunded accrued liability) are ELIMINATED. Please also note the certification deadline for category 1 is now December 1 rather than October 1. The State Department of Treasury anticipates updating its website in early August to reflect these changes. In the meantime, reference Senate Bill 767 for details. Revenue sharing begins on page 125 of that document, with specific EVIP language in Sec. 954 on page 130.

Detailed EVIP requirements/reports, forms, templates, etc. are available on the state’s website.

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