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Blue Cross Blue Shield Program (BCBSM)


MML Employee Benefits Services began in 1987 as a program designed to facilitate the daily administration of the municipal Blue Cross Blue Shield program, which the Michigan Municipal League exclusively endorses.

The Blue Cross Blue Shield program is co-sponsored by the Michigan Townships Association.

Eligibility Members of the Michigan Municipal League and/or the Michigan Townships Association are welcome to participate. Authorities created by these members and that are still classified as being a part of the governing body are generally eligible.
Cost None. There are no additional charges added to MML Employee Benefits Services members’ premiums or rates for this service.
Agents The participating municipal entity is free to use the licensed agent of their choice to represent them. To become participants, the municipality need only ask the agent involved to enroll them in the Michigan Municipal League’s BCBSM program.
Services All billing and administrative services for your group are handled directly by BCBSM.
Programs Municipalities with negotiated contracts are not limited by a preselected menu of program choices whether or not they are currently with BCBSM. Newly enrolled employers or units not subject to bargaining may choose any of BCBSM’s program for which it is eligible. Existing BCBSM members coming into MML Employee Benefits Services may keep their same program, or, if they are not subject to bargaining, they may change to another program.
Claims MML Employee Benefits Services does not handle claims. The responsibility for all aspects of the claim process belongs with BCBSM.
Statistics Exclusively endorsed by the Michigan Municipal League, the BCBSM program provides health and dental coverage to several hundred municipalities across the state.

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