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Benefit Analysis

Public employers are struggling now more than ever with the increasing costs of fringe benefits. As a first step, many request market studies to examine the scope, cost and practices of comparable employers in their labor market with regard to employee benefits.

We assist municipalities in gathering the information necessary to make difficult decisions in the most responsible manner. Our process includes:

  • Extensive meetings and collaborations with all parties who have a stake in the outcome
  • Employee satisfaction surveys to determine what they like most and least about current benefit offerings, how they prioritize benefits, what additional benefits they find appealing and what they might be willing to “trade” for those more appealing benefits
  • Comprehensive market survey of comparable labor market to ascertain the scope and cost of benefit offerings as well as associated management and administrative practices

Depending on the clients’ preferences, we can provide a financial model for establishing the “total compensation” of each employee. The model is interactive and allows for future updates, enabling the municipality to incorporate this important information into its employee relations and management strategies.

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