May 21, 2019

New Jackson ordinance protects displaced rental tenants

Many of our communities have ordinances that require periodic inspection and certification of rental residential properties. Because people who live in rented homes often have little control over the physical condition of the structure they live in, these ordinances protect…
February 28, 2019

Modular Housing – Really?!

League staff have recently helped educate legislators on the need to reinstate Michigan's historic tax credit, which could have broad applications for multi-unit rental housing in historic buildings, upper story residential in downtown cores, adaptive reuse of underutilized buildings, and…
February 13, 2019

Why is it So Damn Expensive to Build?

Okay, you're right. It costs the earth to build new in Michigan or do a significant rehab. But don't immediately rush to load up the U-Haul and venture off to cheaper climes. All is not lost. The summers are too…
January 23, 2019

The High Costs of New Construction

We at the Civic Labs have been talking for some time now about how Michigan needs more housing. Or rather, that we have an abundance of single family housing choices across the broad geographies of our state, but lack the…
January 23, 2019

Let’s fix the damn roads for ALL the damn modes.

Michigan's roads took center stage (as if they ever leave it?) in this past November's election, as now-Governor Gretchen Whitmer's "Fix the damn roads," slogan struck an obvious chord. While the need for pavement maintenance is obvious, it's only one…
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