civic-innovation-labs-stacked-webPolicy Research Labs is the League’s “R&D&S” (research, develop and share) unit. We identify pioneering practices that can benefit Michigan communities, prototyping or piloting initial applications of these, and learning from both success and failure to systematize the application of what works. This approach combines specific projects in individual communities with agency and legislative policy development to create both tangible case studies and statewide replication.

Our goals include:

  • Elevate the League and our members as innovative and effective leaders in making communities great places to live.
    • Research, develop and share civic innovations with League colleagues, members and partner organizations
    • Identify and showcase on-the-ground advancements by our members
  • Assist our member communities in attracting and leveraging private investment.
    • Manage and advise top-notch programs by engaging funders such as MSHDA, MEDC, and private foundations in sponsoring, designing, and targeting opportunities that best fit members’ needs.
  • Build and strengthen relationships in member communities, especially with non-governmental allies, in support of the League’s broader agenda.

If you are interested in hosting us in your community, or you’re just interested in learning more, contact Shanna Draheim, Labs Director.