The League assisted two major redevelopment projects in Southfield—”the center of it all!”—supporting the city’s goals of creating walkable destinations within the city.

EverCentre marketing

Southfield's EverCentre site currently, and as envisioned.

Southfield’s EverCentre site currently, and as envisioned.

At the EverCentre site, across Evergreen Road from Southfield’s civic center, the city had previously completed a “vision plan” incorporating market analysis and design concepts for the development of a mixed-use, around-the-clock district.

The vision for Southfield City Centre is to build on Southfield’s high-profile business climate by adding a walkable, mixed-use destination for shopping, dining, entertainment and new residents.

The League supported the city’s efforts by advising on the creation and distribution of an RFQ for developers.

Northland Mall tire center assessment

As the final piece of Southfield’s site assembly of the Northland Center mall for redevelopment, the city needed to acquire the former Montgomery Ward / JC Penney tire center on Southfield Road.

The former tire center at Northland.

The former tire center at Northland.

The League supported a Phase II environmental assessment of the property, allowing the city to document historic soil contamination so that future developers can leverage brownfield funding.

The Southfield City Council approved a master plan for the 125-acre redevelopment last year that is a conceptional, market driven blueprint that outlines the standards and vision for developers of the former mall property. The master plan is based on a series of development blocks or districts that collectively create a safe and vibrant mixed-use destination. The city is working with interested developers to execute portions of the plan, and the acquisition of the tire center site allows these conversations to proceed.