At the convergence of Gratiot and Utica Road is a slice of Roseville known as Utica Junction. Building upon an ongoing city initiative with MEDC and the DDA, the League used funds from the RRC Predevelopment Assistance program to focus on a vacant lot near this main intersection. We worked with local leaders to advance their vision of shifting the site’s use into a potential dining destination featuring a substantial public space component.PreDev Roseville Report 2018 Cover

The League conducted this planning effort with a group of experts from East Arbor Architecture and Land Use USA, under the leadership of Ann Arbor-based Seamless Collaborative, to provide the City of Roseville with the right market data and design assistance to transform their dream s into reality. This project produced a schematics and visioning document, in the form of an RFQ with estimated construction costs, to attract private investment and add another accomplishment to this incremental development project.

Click HERE for the Roseville RFQ document.


City to Host Developer Showcase for Utica Road CorridorMacomb Daily, April 30, 2019