Broad Street streetscape with vacant lot between storefronts and church building

The site at 23-25 South Broad Street

In early 2019, the city of Hillsdale demolished a vacant and dangerous building on Broad Street, leaving a vacant lot facing the city’s central courthouse square. With both available retail space and upper story apartments in short supply in downtown, this site provides an opportunity to meet some of that demand.

Rear view of church, vacant lot, and commercial buildings, with courthouse spire in backgroundThe League and MEDC are providing support to Hillsdale via the RRC Pre-Development Assistance program to evaluate this opportunity. With a consultant team from Giffels Webster, we will be using community priorities and market data to prepare a preferred concept for this site’s next life and target developers who can implement it.


Media coverage

Residents suggest project ideas for demolished property – Hillsdale Collegian, Oct. 17, 2019