November 7, 2018

The League Launches New Program on Developing Great Places

Over the past several years, the League has worked with many partners to create how-to guides, conduct data-informed studies, and carry out dynamic placemaking activities in communities across Michigan. W've now built a new online collection of resources, success stories,…
October 15, 2018

Bright Walls, Bright Future

If a group of community-minded young people comes knocking on city hall's door, you might want to pay close attention. When Jackson Young Professionals (JxnYP) did the knocking to float the idea for a new community event, the answer was…
August 1, 2018

e-Scooters have arrived-don’t panic.

New ways of getting around our communities keep popping up: Lyft now claims to be available for ridehailing statewide, bikeshare systems are active in half a dozen cities (and under consideration in others), and now: Electric scooter sharing has arrived…
May 7, 2018

Mixed-income, mixed-use, maximum difficulty?

A common frustration of communities who want to support affordable housing development is that the financing tools available to developers can be very all-or-nothing. The biggest source of funding for these developments, Low-Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC), is structured in…
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