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October 26, 2015

Believe in Benton Harbor!

In the lively atmosphere of The Livery in downtown Benton Harbor, the community gathered to see and celebrate the final PlacePlan for Dwight Pete Mitchell City Center Park on Oct. 22. Many in the crowd had participated in the three…
August 21, 2015

Benton Harbor Park Plans Begin Popping to Life

This week, Benton Harbor residents were treated to a second round of conceptual drawings showing what their beloved Dwight Pete Mitchell City Center Park may look like in the near future. Michigan State University professors Warren Rauhe and Wayne Beyea…
August 17, 2015

Bringing Wow to your Waterfront

Biking along the Lake Michigan shore in Grand Haven People of all ages are attracted to waterfronts. From lakeside cafes to waterfront festivals to leisurely walks and bike rides along the shore, the activities and amenities that draw in residents…
August 5, 2015

New League Service Brings POPs of Activity Across Michigan

We're really excited to announce PlacePOP, our new placemaking & engagement consulting service. PlacePOP is a low-cost, high-impact approach to inclusive planning that communities can use to test ideas, engage residents, and strengthen support for place-based projects. PlacePOP in action…
July 28, 2015

Capitol Ave Pops to Life!

Under a blazing hot July sun, Lansing residents and visitors were treated to fun, interactive, pop-up placemaking on Capitol Avenue today! The west driving lane became a bikers-only lane. And, with the capitol building as an impressive backdrop, the League…
June 5, 2015

Learning to Play a Different Game in Suburbia

Order book Cars are king in most Michigan suburbs. We have designed our suburbs for efficiency of process, where uses are separated and car-oriented, said Ellen Dunham-Jones, co-author of Retrofitting Suburbia, at the League's Suburban Summits in May. But in…
May 19, 2015

Writing the next chapter in the suburban story

Big box stores can have second lives, as Westland's Circuit City to City Hall renovation, completed in 2014, demonstrates. In 2012, the City of Westland set aside plans to build a new city hall--the long-needed replacement to a '60s vintage…
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