Kalamazoo Cooks Up a Special Event for League Book-Signing

Posted on November 10, 2014 by Lisa Donovan


The tantalizing aroma of freshly-roasted chicken and thick, juicy steaks wafted through the dining room of Webster’s Prime, accompanied by artfully-prepared salads and vegetable creations. Many of the delectable items on the restaurant’s menu are locally-sourced from places like Kirklin Farms and Green Gardens. The fine dining establishment’s support of local food producers garnered it a special place in the local food chapter of the League’s new book, “The Economics of Place: The Art of Building Great Communities.”

Nate-ShawOn Nov. 7, Webster’s hosted a book-signing event to help us introduce the book to the Kalamazoo community. League authors Dan Gilmartin, Colleen Layton, and Elizabeth Phillips Foley were on hand to share their experiences traveling around the state in search of inspirational placemaking stories on local food, arts and culture, bike trails and much more. Webster’s chef Nate Shaw, featured in the book, split his time between the kitchen and the dining room to help with the celebration. Shaw’s commitment to local food runs so deep that he even gets down in the dirt to help local farmers tend their crops.

Order a copy of the book to find out how the Kalamazoo community is cultivating the foodie movement, and how you might be able to apply similar placemaking strategies in your own community.

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