New Report by National League of Cities Outlines Top Ten Critical Issues Facing the Nation’s Economic Engines

Posted on December 12, 2013 by Summer Minnick

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The National League of Cities released a report which outlines the top ten critical issues facing cities today. Additionally, they call on Congress to address these concerns in order to assist with the economic recovery of the nation. As NLC President Chris Coleman, Mayor of Saint Paul, Minnesota indicated at the Press Conference held in Washington DC today, the nation’s economy can’t be stronger if our cities aren’t prosperous. We couldn’t agree more with that sentiment, as we know from research that strong vibrant communities are the key to prosperous economies with high per capita income. It has been reported many times that more people now live in urban areas and rural throughout the world for the first time in history. That reality drives home the point that investment in Michigan cities by our state legislature, as well as the federal government is imperative to our long term success in the global economy.

The top ten issues, which are not ranked in any order include: fragile fiscal health, a deteriorating transportation infrastructure, a shrinking middle class, inadequate access to higher education, the need for affordable housing, a less-than-welcoming return for veterans, gang violence, a broken immigration system, climate change, and a lack of public trust in government.

The full report can be read here: 10CriticalImperatives-web_final

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