Saginaw Mayor Honored by the Michigan Municipal League

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Saginaw Mayor Honored by the Michigan Municipal League

Brenda F. Moore Awarded Sinclair Exceptional Service Award

ANN ARBOR, Michigan – The Michigan Municipal League has honored Saginaw Mayor Brenda F. Moore with the Jim Sinclair Exceptional Service Award in recognition for her outstanding commitment to the citizens of her community.

Moore received the recognition recently during the League’s 2021 virtual Capital Conference.

“Brenda’s passion for her community and the people she serves shines through in everything she does,” said Westland Mayor and League Board President William Wild. “From working diligently to ensure an active census count to her constant engagement in various League committees, she is the ideal embodiment of what it means to be a community leader.”

First elected to Saginaw City Council in 2013, Moore also has served in leadership positions for League affiliate organizations, including the Michigan Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials (MBC-LEO) and the Elected Officials Academy (EOA). Last year, she became the first Black female to serve as president of the League.

In addition to her activities within the League, Moore drew praise for her determined efforts to raise awareness among her citizens of the importance of completing the 2020 Census and the impact it has on the future of Saginaw. Moore leveraged grant funding to assist the City of Saginaw in ensuring the most accurate count possible by helping 200 households complete the census.

“Moore was crucial in the effort to connect with every area of Saginaw and help reach citizens who may have otherwise been missed,” Wild said. “When you speak to Brenda, you can hear her love for the Michigan Municipal League. She truly believes in the League’s mission to make Michigan’s communities better and passionately inspiring positive change in our cities.”

Currently, Moore serves as a board member for the Michigan Women in Municipal Government. In addition to her leadership roles, Moore has completed all four levels of the Elected Officials Academy and continues to serve as an EOA Ambassador, encouraging and supporting the active participation of other local elected officials.

About the award: The Jim Sinclair Exceptional Service Award, first awarded in 2008, is a peer nomination in honor and memory of Rogers City Councilmember Jim Sinclair, a tireless promoter of local government and fervent believer in education and training for elected officials. It is a tribute to Sinclair’s legacy of personal dedication, passion, and commitment to the League and its mission.

For additional information contact the League’s Matt Bach, assistant director of strategic communications, at (810) 874-1073 and [email protected].


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