MBC-LEO Works to Eradicate the Disease of Institutional Racism

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MBC-LEO Works to Eradicate the Disease of Institutional Racism

The Michigan Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials is outraged and appalled by the recent murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade and countless other African Americans that have lost their lives to racial violence and police brutality. Historic, systemic and pervasive racism and traumas or colonization and slavery make people of color, particularly African Americans and Indigenous communities in our country, fear for their families’ health, safety, and lives every single day.

MBC-LEO will work to eradicate the disease of institutional racism by intentionally addressing the symptoms of systemic racism in our state. Our goal will be to offer programming and training which will address racism in the following areas:

  1. Housing
  2. Criminal Justice/Policing
  3. Education
  4. Healthcare
  5. Economic Prosperity

“I challenge each of us to look deep within, be honest about any biases we might have. Then deal with them,” said Lois Allen-Richardson, MBC-LEO President and Mayor of Ypsilanti. “Each of us must be willing to say ‘change begins with me.’ As a collective, this is the attitude we must adopt.”

Allen-Richardson added, “the disease of racism won’t be eradicated in swift fashion. It will take a collective effort of us all to get it done. I am confident that working together we can do it.  Our goal is to ensure health, happiness, safety and prosperity for all people in our state.”

For additional information, contact Matt Bach at [email protected] and (810) 874-1073.

About MBC-LEO: The purpose of the Michigan Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials (MBC-LEO) is to provide a forum for its members to collaborate, network, coach, mentor, share information, and provide support to one another in the State of Michigan. The Caucus works in cooperation with the Michigan Municipal League (MML). Membership of MBC-LEO is comprised of local elected officials and municipal staff members and associates in the State of Michigan. View the organization’s website for additional information:


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