Flint’s Monica Galloway Receives Ambassador Award

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Flint’s Monica Galloway Receives Ambassador Award

Michigan Municipal League Celebrates Flint City Council President

ANN ARBOR, Michigan – The Michigan Municipal League honored Flint City Council President Monica Galloway with its Ambassador Award for exemplary service. Galloway received the recognition today in conjunction with the release of a tribute video in her honor. View the video here:

The Ambassador Award is given to Michigan Municipal League members who successfully complete all four levels of the League’s Elected Officials Academy program. Galloway is among just a handful of leaders to complete all four levels.

“Monica has been a tremendous supporter of the League and an active participant in many League programs over the years. Accomplishing the highest level of the League’s EOA program demonstrates her commitment to be the best public servant to her community and to the state,” said Caro Mayor Joe Greene, president of the League’s Elected Officials Academy Advisory Board. “This is a tremendous achievement that she has accomplished.”

Monica Galloway, who is a member of the Michigan Municipal League Board of Trustees and vice president of the EOA’s Advisory Board, has served on the Flint City Council since 2013. Born and raised in San Diego, CA, she and her Flint-native husband and two sons relocated to Flint in 1995.

As someone who is passionate about the community and the wellbeing of its residents, Galloway made the decision to run for the 7th Ward Flint City Council seat in 2013. The success of this election made her the first African American and female to hold this position.

In 2015, under Emergency Manager Order, all council members were required to complete Level One of the League’s Elected Officials Academy (EOA). That order opened learning and networking opportunities that have given her the confidence to better serve the citizens in Flint, and she continued participating in the EOA program long after she was required to do so. She currently serves as Flint City Council President.

The goal of the Ambassador Award is to encourage and recognize the exemplary service of locally elected officials to their community, to the communities of the state of Michigan, and to the Michigan Municipal League. The Ambassador Award demonstrates the practical application of acquired education and skills and requires a portfolio of achievement reviewed by the Elected Officials Academy board.

“When I first became involved in the Elected Officials Academy, it opened my eyes to how much I needed to learn to do my best as an elected leader,” Galloway said. “With the encouragement of League Board President Brenda F. Moore (Saginaw Mayor Pro Tem), I made it my goal to do what she did—reach the highest level of the League’s Elected Officials Academy. It’s a lot of work, but it’s definitely been worth it as the training and knowledge I’ve received over the years has made me a better public servant for my community and state.”

About the Ambassador Award: The Ambassador Award demonstrates the practical application of acquired education and skills.

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