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The Elected Officials Academy is a voluntary continuing education program established to encourage and recognize elected officials’ efforts to become more effective leaders.

The Academy highlights your accomplishments through four award levels, achieved by earning credits in a combination of program components designed to help you develop your skills, knowledge, and experience.

Taking courses, attending conferences, legislative advocacy, and service in leadership roles – whether at the League or elsewhere – all earn credit toward your next award level.


Participation in the Academy is open to individuals serving as elected officials in League member communities. Administrative staff may attend educational programs, but may not enroll in the EOA.

The Program Components

EOA credits are earned in the following program components:

Core Weekender: Mandatory educational seminar offered twice a year by the League.
Elective Courses: Relevant educational programs offered by the League or other organizations – your selection.
Conference: Attendance at League and National League of Cities (NLC) conferences, as well as other relevant conferences.
Advocacy: Legislative advocacy and education on League-related issues.
Leadership: Service in leadership roles with the League, the NLC, and more.

Credit Requirements by Award Level

Level 4:  Click here for Level 4’s credit requirements.

The Four Award Levels

For full details on qualifying activities and their credits at each award level, click the links:

• Level One: Education Award
• Level Two: Leadership Award
• Level Three: Governance Award
• Level Four: Ambassador Award

Public Recognition

As you advance through the Academy, your progress will be publicly acknowledged. Upon completing each level, you will be honored with a pin and plaque presented at the League’s annual Capital Conference (for Levels 1-3) or the Awards Gala during Capital Conference (for Level 4).

Enroll in the Academy

Enrollment is necessary so the Academy can credit your attendance at League educational programs and major meetings, and keep track of other EOA credits as you earn them. It is free and easy – just click here to complete and submit the Enrollment Form.

Track Your Progress and Submit Credits

To view your Academy Credit Profile, go to the EOA Home page and log in with your MML website user ID and password, then follow the link to the Credit Profile page. You can also use the Credit Profile page to submit credits for courses and activities outside the League.(Click here to establish a login if you don’t have one.)

Attendance at League courses and major events will be credited automatically, but please be aware there is typically some lag time before these credits appear on your profile.

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