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Michigan Politics, Huh? Podcast Segment: We look at Lansing politics from the perspective of a novice. What’s happening in Lansing that might impact your community?

Host: Matt Bach, director of communications,
Michigan Municipal League

Episode 23 – Crowdfunding

The League’s Matt Bach talks about the power of crowdfunding for Michigan communities with the League’s Melissa Milton-Pung and Angela Barbash of Revalue LLC. There are a couple different types of crowdfunding and we discuss those and ways crowdfunding is being used in our cities, villages and townships. The League is a big proponent of the crowdfunding movement and you can learn more at


Episode 22 – State Rep. Donna Lasinski on Civility in Local Government

State Representative Donna Lasinski (D-Scio Twp.) shared her insights on civility in local government in a session at the League’s 2019 Convention in Detroit. Afterwards, she sat down for a conversation on her constructive approach to talking about communities’ futures and how to get there. Very important topic in today’s contentious political environment.


Episode 21 – Under the Radar TV Show Has a Lot in Common with the League’s Mission

In a way, the Under the Radar TV show on PBS has a similar mission to the League. Producers Tom Daldin and Jim Edelman highlight all the cool people, places and things in Michigan. In essence, they’re covering all the people who love where they live – which just happens to be the League’s motto. Tune in and hear some of their adventures covering the things that make our state great.


Episode 20 – Crystal Proxmire, Editor/Publisher of the Oakland County Times, on Covering Local News

Crystal Proxmire, publisher/editor of the Oakland County Times, founded the local news publication in 2009. Her mission is to cover local community and government issues which impact the cities, villages, and townships of Oakland County. Many of the issues covered in the Oakland County Times are the same ones the League focuses on for our member communities, i.e. voting laws, medical and recreational marijuana, real estate development, and non-discrimination ordinances. Proximire strives to be a resource for Oakland County residents when issues hit their community. For more information on the Oakland County Times, visit


Episode 19 – Andrew Brisbo, Exectuve Director of Michigan’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency Discusses the New Adult-Use/Recreational Marijuana Emergency Rules

Michigan recently released the emergency rules for adult use/recreational marijuana. In this episode, we talk with Andrew Brisbo, head of the state’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency, about some of the specifics and the fast-approaching deadline for communities to opt in or out of permitting recreational marijuana establishments.


Episode 18 – Former State Rob. Rob Verheulen Receives Michigan Municipal League’s Legislative Award of Merit

At the Michigan Municipal League’s 2019 Capital Conference, former State Rep. Rob VerHeulen (R-Walker) was honored with one of the League’s 2019 Legislative Awards of Merit. In the State House, VerHeulen was a tireless advocate of local government through his role helping shape the General Government budget, personal property tax legislation, work on local court funding concerns, and the costs associated with the new Indigent Defense Commission standards. In this episode, VerHeulen talks about what it means to him to be honored by the League for his legislative service.


Episode 17 – 2019 Legislators of the Year Award Recipients – State Sen. Jim Stamas and State Rep. Jim Lilly

State Sen. Jim Stamas (R-Midland) and State Rep. Jim Lilly (R-Macatawa) were honored with Michigan Municipal League’s 2019 Legislators of the Year Award at Capital Conference. On this episode, they talk about the key legislation they’ve worked on with the League and the value of placemaking in Michigan communities.


Episode 16 – Recreational Marijuana: What You Need to Know About Michigan’s New Law

Andrew Brisbo, Director, Bureau of Marijuana Regulation, Michigan Dept. of Licensing & Regulatory Affairs
Jennifer Rigterink, Legislative Associate, Michigan Municipal League

Michigan Municipal League’s Matt Bach and Jennifer Rigterink sit down with Andrew Brisbo, who is the head of Michigan’s recreational marijuana bureau through LARA. We discuss the efforts of his office to regulate the industry approved by voters in November. Will they be ready to start licensing recreation marijuana businesses by the December deadline? Tune in to find out and get other answers related to the new law and Michigan’s communities.

Episode 15 – The Power of Social Media for Local Governments

Amy Snow-Buckner, Managing Director of Communications, City of Grand Rapids
Det. James Thorburn, Detective and Social Media Director, City of Allen Park

We’re unofficially changing the name of this podcast to Social Media, Huh? – just for today. We’re shifting the focus of the conversation a bit from politics to social media use among local governments. The League’s communications director, Matt Bach, is joined by avid social media user for the City of Grand Rapids – Amy Snow-Buckner – and City of Allen Park Police Det. James Thorburn. It’s a funny and light conversation about the power of social media for local governments, using humor in building an audience, and lessons learned along the way.


Episode 14 – Michigan Municipal League Works with Counties and Townships Associations for the Benefit of our Members

Chris Hackbarth, Director of State & Federal Affairs, Michigan Municipal League
Deena Bosworth, Director of Governmental Affairs, Michigan Association of Counties
Tom Frazier, Legislative Liaison, Michigan Townships Association

On this episode of Michigan Politics, Huh?we sit down with the legislative advocates for the Michigan Municipal League, Michigan Association of Counties, and Michigan Townships Association and discuss how these three organizations work together in fighting for their respective memberships. We talk about the power of numbers and how we’re able to get more things done when we work together.


Episode 13 – Recreational Marjuana – What Should Municipalities Be Talking and Thinking About?

Clyde Robinson, City Attorney, City of Kalamazoo
Christopher Johnson, General Counsel, Michigan Municipal League
Jennifer Rigterink, Legislative Associate, Michigan Municipal League

Recreational marijuana is now legal in Michigan. Understandably, many people have questions about how that will impact their community. Matt Bach sits down with two attorneys to learn about the legal side of the equation. Then he chats with the League’s legislative associate about the logistics for municipalities. For more information on recreational and medical marijuana, visit the League’s Marijuana in Michigan web page.


Episode 12 – League’s Legislativew Team Brings Some Clarity to Rapid-Fire Lame Duck Session on Monday Morning Live

Chris Hackbarth, Director, State & Federal Affairs, Michigan Municipal League
John LaMacchia, Asst. Director, State & Federal Affairs, Michigan Municipal League
Jennifer Rigterink, Legislative Associate, Michigan Municipal League

Activity was fast and furious during the Michigan Legislature’s 2018 Lame Duck session. Matt Bach sits down with our Lansing team on our latest Monday Morning Live broadcast to try to corral some of the issues, find out which bills made it through to approval, and look ahead to the Legislature’s new session. Tune in to Facebook for the next Monday Morning Live, Jan. 7, 10:30 am.


Episode 11 –A State Rep’s Perspective on Revenue Sharing, Auto Insurance Reform, and More

Guest: State Representative Mary Whiteford (R-Casco Township)

The Michigan Municipal League’s Matt Bach sits down with State Rep. Mary Whiteford, R-Casco Township, at a coffee shop in downtown Allegan. They cover everything from revenue sharing to auto insurance. They even get into the power of drag racing and the flute! It’s a fun, informal chat.


Episode 10 – The Center for Michigan

Guest: Phil Power, Founder and Chairman, The Center for Michigan

Following a long career as owner of a variety of local newspapers in Michigan, Phil Power still wanted to make a difference in his state. Find out how he started and fostered The Center for Michigan based on sensible, rational, common sense political discussion.


Episode 9 – Marijuana Legalization in Colorado

Guest: Charles Mitchell, Senior Assistant City Attorney, City Attorney’s Office, City and County of Denver

Colorado was the first state to legalize both medical and recreational marijuana. In this episode, attorney Charles Mitchell shares some of the benefits, challenges, and legal issues that have arisen since marijuana legalization, and lessons learned along the way. Mitchell was also a speaker at the Michigan Municipal League’s 2018 Convention. View his presentation, HR up in Smoke: The Intersectoin Between Marijuana Legalizaton and Employment Law.


Episode 8 – State Senator Wayne Scmidt (R-Traverse City)

Matt Bach sits down with Sen. Wayne Schmidt in his hometown of Traverse City to talk about a variety of challenges facing Michigan communities, including affordable housing, road funding, and revenue sharing. Sen. Schmidt also gives some insight into how legislatiors are receiving the message of Michigan Municipal League’s SaveMICity initiative.


Episode 7 – League’s Lansing Lobbyist Team

Guests: Chris Hackbarth, John LaMacchia, and Jennifer Rigterink

We sit down with the Michigan Municipal League’s Lansing team and discuss the upcoming legislative issues that anyone who supports Michigan’s communities should care about. We also get into the impact of term limits, what revenue sharing is all about and what to expect during Lame Duck. Just what is Lame Duck anyway? We explain it all and more.

Episode 6 – MIRS Newsletter

Guest: Kyle Meiinn, editor, vice president and co-owner, MIRS Newsletter

So just what is MIRS Newsletter? Hint, it’s not the state’s retirement agency (that would be MERS with an E, not MIRS with an I). The League’s Matt Bach sits down with Kyle Melinn, editor, vice president and co-owner of MIRS, and Kyle explains what MIRS is all about. We also talk about what it’s like to cover Lansing politics and the changing role of the media.

Episode 5 – Lansing politics reporters

Emily Lawler, Politics Reporter, Mlive
Jonathan Oosting, Politics Reporter, Detroit News


Episode 4 – MML Legislators of the Year: Rep. Sam Singh, Democratic House Leader, and Sen. Ken Horn (R-Frankenmuth)


Episode 3 – Marijuana Legalization in Colorado

Chelsey Clarke, Strategic Intelligence Unit Supervisor, Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area


Episode 2 – Ethical Public Leadership

Dr. Scott Paine, director of leadership development and education, Florida League of Cities


Episode 1 – The U.S. Supreme Court and Cities

Lisa Soronen, executive director, State and Local Legal Center


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