MSU Seek Local Road Agency Survey Responses on Setting Speed limits

Posted on August 9, 2022 by John LaMacchia

North Carolina Highway Research Project (NCHRP), in conjunction with Michigan State University, is focused on development of the next generation of the USLIMITS2 expert system for speed limit setting.  As the name implies, expert systems for setting speed limits are computer programs that employ decision rules developed by traffic engineers and other practitioners to recommend a speed limit.

To inform this process, the research team is distributing a survey to a broad range of stakeholders with backgrounds and experiences in areas related to setting speed limits.  Ultimately, the collective survey responses will be used towards the development of a revised speed limit setting expert system.

First, they are requesting individuals to provide some general information about themself and their experiences with setting speed limits and other speed-related aspects. Based on those responses, they will then follow-up with a set of roadway cases for individuals to review and recommend a speed limit.  Prior speed limit setting experience is not necessary.  Please note that these surveys are designed to be completed on a computer, and some portions may not properly display on a mobile phone.

For further project information, please visit the NCHRP 03-139 Project Page, or contact Tim Gates ([email protected]) with any questions or concerns.

Click the following link to complete the survey. MSU Speed Limits Survey

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