Submission Portal Now Open for Michigan Communities to Receive American Rescue Plan Support

Posted on July 8, 2021 by Dene Westbrook

The portal select Michigan communities are to use to obtain the American Rescue Plan funding assistance is now open. Communities classified as Non-Entitlement Units (NEUs) of Local Government must use this portal to request funding through the Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery Fund under the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). Non-entitlement units are defined as primary local governments (cities, villages, townships) other than federally defined metropolitan cities and counties under ARPA.

The Michigan Department of Treasury launched the portal this week and all non-entitlement units must complete the online process whether requesting or declining funds. NEUs are asked to make their submissions through the portal by Tuesday, July 27.

The Michigan Municipal League strongly encourages all League members to seek out this one-time federal assistance that will come in two parts over two years. The funding does not need to be allocated until the end of 2024 and doesn’t need to be fully spent until the end of 2026. This means there is time for our community leaders to be collaborative and deliberate in determining how best to invest this assistance in ways that impact our residents and businesses impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

The League realizes that navigating this funding can be daunting, time-consuming, and overwhelming, and we’re here to help our members. We launched the ServeMICity program to help you think creatively about taking this investment to the next level and help you answer questions you may have about the American Rescue Plan funding. Together, we can chart a path forward to stabilizing your community through big-picture thinking, asking tough questions, and fostering equitable engagement.

Through the ServeMICity program, we can help you identify investments that do things like build dynamic places, inspire community well-being, provide safe and accessible housing, ensure universal broadband access and equity, and enable the creation of holistic health and public safety systems. The League is here to help make your ARP dollars count. Let’s build our future together by starting here.

Tune into Monday’s Live with the League discussion at noon to hear about the portal and how the League’s ServeMICity program can help. Register for free here.

Here are the step-by-step instructions from the Michigan Department of Treasury about the NEU submission process:

  • Log on to the ELITE system portal.
    • Select form “ARPA CLFRF Request”.
    • If you do not already have a login for Michigan Treasury’s ELITE system, select “Request Access New User” from the login page.
  • Filing instructions can be found on the state website.
  • All application documents must be saved as PDFs and uploaded during the submission process.
  • The data entered into the ELITE system must match the data entered on all forms or your submission will be denied (i.e., CAO name does not match), and resubmission will be required.
  • For assistance in calculating your Top Line Budget, please review Michigan Department of Treasury Numbered Letter 2021-5. Please note, this calculation is your approved budget with any amendments as of January 27, 2020.

More information and resources on CLFRF are available at

Questions regarding the CLFRF can be directed to the Michigan Department of Treasury by e-mail at [email protected].

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