How Much is Your Community Receiving from the American Rescue Plan Support? View List Here

Posted on June 17, 2021 by Dene Westbrook

This is a newly released web page by the Michigan Department of Treasury providing American Rescue Plan guidance to Michigan communities.

The list is finally here!

The long-awaited list of how much each Michigan community classified as a non-entitlement unit (NEU), is expected to receive from the American Rescue Plan was released this week by the Michigan Department of Treasury on this new webpage.

The list of allocations for 1,724 cities, townships, and villages, was unveiled during a Treasury webinar Thursday, June 17, 2021. The webinar is part of an ongoing COVID-19 series of webinars done by the Treasury Department in partnership with the Michigan Municipal League, Michigan Townships Association and Michigan Association of Counties. Click here for a video recording of Thursday’s webinar.

View the NEU (Non-Entitlement Units of Government) “unofficial” allocations by communities here:

The list for Michigan’s metropolitan areas was previously released.

The question, “how much is my community is getting from the American Rescue Plan Act,” has been the most frequent request the Michigan Municipal League has received since the ARP funding was approved earlier this year. So this list is welcome news to Michigan’s smaller communities, said Chris Hackbarth, the League’s director of state and federal affairs. The amounts in listed by Treasury will be distributed to communities over two year s- half this year and the other half next year.

“We know many of our communities have been anxiously waiting to learn how much ARP assistance they will receive so that they can invest into their communities and assist with the economic hardships experienced by COVID-19,” Hackbarth said. “So this list is extremely welcome and we very much appreciate Treasury’s work on this.”

It is important to note, Hackbarth said, that this funding does not need to be dedicated until the end of 2024 and doesn’t need to be spent until the end of 2026. The League encourages communities to take their time and be collaborative with residents and businesses in determining how best to invest this one-time assistance in ways that are the most impactful. The League has also launched its ServeMICity program to help communities navigate the ARP funding and other assistance that is available to help in the COVID-19 recovery effort. To learn more about the ServeMICity program email the League’s Shanna Draheim at [email protected].

Hackbarth said the list does come with a couple caveats. First, the list are estimates of the amount each community could receive and the exact dollar amount could change for a couple reasons:

  1. Communities can only receive ARP funding that represents 75 percent of their annual total operating budget. So, if the current allocation estimate is more than 75 percent, the amount they expect to receive will be reduced. According to U.S. Treasury NEU guidance, “all distributions to NEUs may not exceed a cap of 75 percent of the unit’s budget.  …The estimates released by the Michigan Department of Treasury do not reflect this cap. Updated amounts will be posted once budget information and acceptance is completed by the 1,724 NEUs.”
  2. The amounts received could change as some entities reach the 75 percent cap or if some units opt to not spend the maximum amount they are eligible to receive. If this were to happen, communities could get a supplemental amount once the calculations are made.

The funding listed also will be broken into two tranches, with half going to the communities this year and the other half approximately 12 months later in 2022. The list of funding estimates by NEU represents the total amount a community is estimated to receive over the two years.

Also, local units must complete an application to receive the funding. This application portal will be released by the Michigan Department of Treasury on this page here around July 6, Treasury officials said during Thursday’s webinar. Communities will have 60 days to complete the application once the portal is launched. Treasury officials said they hope to send the first tranche of funding within two weeks of when a unit officially applies for the assistance.

Here are some additional documents and links from the National League of Cities and the Michigan Municipal League detailing the ARP guidelines and allocations:

Learn more here:

TREASURY – American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA): Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Relief Funds (

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