House Announces Committee Assignments

Posted on January 15, 2015 by chackbarth

Following on the heels of yesterday’s opening day of session for the new Legislature, House Speaker Kevin Cotter announced membership this afternoon for the chamber’s 24 standing committees and the 18 Appropriations subcommittees for the 2015-16 legislative session.  Of particular interest to the League’s State Affairs team…

Commerce & Trade  – Graves (Chair), Sheppard (VC), Barrett, Callton, Garcia, Glenn, Hughes, Johnson, Leutheuser, Rendon, Somerville, Jenkins    Schor (Minority VC), Byrd, Garrett, Geiss, Love, Moss, Townsend

Communications & Technology – Jacobsen (Chair), Iden (VC), Barrett, Franz, Glardon, Leutheuser, Outman, Price, Tedder    Phelps (Minority VC), Chirkun, Driskell, Greig, Guerra

Elections  – Lyons (Chair), Leutheuser (VC), Kesto, Heise, Jacobsen    Driskell (Minority VC), Hoadley, Irwin

Energy Policy  – Nesbitt (Chair), Glenn (VC), Barrett, Cole, Hughes, Jacobsen, LaFontaine, Lucido, Maturen, McBroom, Outman, Pettalia, B. Roberts, Sheppard, Webber    LaVoy (Minority VC), Brunner, Byrd, Dianda, Garrett, Kivela, Kosowski, Lane, D. Miller, Plawecki

Local Government  – Chatfield (Chair), Price (VC), Heise, Maturen, Runestad, Sheppard, Theis    Moss (Minority VC), Brunner, Neeley, Rutledge

Regulatory Reform  – Franz (Chair), B. Roberts (VC), Courser, Crawford, Garcia, Iden, Kesto, Lauwers, Yonker    Dianda (Minority VC), Chirkun, Darany, Lane, Moss, Schor

Tax Policy – Farrington (Chair), Maturen (VC), Chatfield, Glenn, Howrylak, Iden, Somerville, Webber, Yonker    Townsend (Minority VC), Byrd, Clemente, LaVoy

Transportation & Infrastructure  – Pettalia (Chair), Glardon (VC), Cole, Farrington, Goike, Jacobsen, Lauwers, Maturen, Yonker, McCready    Lane (Minority VC), Cochran, Dianda, Neeley, Rutledge, Smiley

Appropriations Subcommittee on General Government  –  Laura Cox (Chair), Chris Afendoulis, Larry Inman, Earl Poleski    Fred Durhal III (Minority VC), Sam Singh

Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation  – Ed Canfield (Chair), Roger Victory (VC), John Bizon, Tim Kelly, Aaron Miller     Brian Banks (Minority VC), Brandon Dillon

***Democratic members listed in italics

For more background on each of these legislators, please visit –

Chris Hackbarth is the Director of State Affairs for the League handling municipal finance issues.  He can be reached at 517-908-0304 or [email protected]

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