Concealed Weapons Allowed and Gun Free Zones, Background Checks Still Required

Posted on December 14, 2012 by Dene Westbrook

The Legislature has sent to the Governor SB 59, which deals with concealed weapons in gun free zones. This legislation will allow concealed weapons in most areas that had previously been considered no-carry zones such as schools, day care centers and churches. The CCW holder would need additional training and range time to be qualified for the privilege. The bill as passed would allow schools and private buildings to opt out of allowing concealed weapons even from those with added training. They would have to post a sign saying weapons are not permitted. The measure also closes some of the places to open carry of firearms. It also streamlines the application process by getting rid of the county gun boards and putting the authority with the sheriff. Previous language that eliminated background checks for people buying firearms from unlicensed sellers was removed after strong objection by several Mayors in Michigan and nation-wide.

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