Live Chat at 10 am Monday December 3 to Discuss Personal Property Tax Replacement Plan and Proposed Exemptions to PA 54

Posted on December 3, 2012 by Dene Westbrook

The Michigan legislature is attempting to move legislation during the lame duck session that would have a major impact on local government. The proposed bills include the latest plan to repeal the business personal property tax, and a bill that would exempt police officers and firefighters from PA 54, the law that prohibits retroactive wage increases.

We can’t say this strongly enough: Time is of the essence if local governments are to have any impact on the outcome of these pending decisions.

The League is holding a LIVE CHAT at 10 am Monday, December 3 to discuss these bills and to answer your questions about these and any other issues of concern. It is of vital importance that you or another representative from your municipality participate in this discussion.

To participate, call 303-218-2281. Enter the conference ID number 4847273 to listen in.


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