Tell Lawmakers to Vote No on Personal PropertyTax Bills, Sample Letters Available

Posted on May 3, 2012 by Dene Westbrook

Tell your lawmakers today to vote no on Senate Bills 1065-1072 regarding the the personal property tax. Use the sample letters here.

LANSING, Michigan – The Michigan Municipal League is encouraging our members to write their lawmakers today in opposition to bills that would eliminate significant portions of the personal property tax that help fund services in cities, townships, villages, counties, schools and libraries. Newly updated sample letters to send to your Michigan Senators and Representatives are available here. Just go to the blue action alert box and follow the instructions starting by clicking “take action“.

Earlier this week, the Michigan Senate Finance committee voted 5-2, along party line votes, to pass SBs 1065-1072, the package of bills which eliminates significant portions of the personal property tax (PPT).

The bills exempt all parcels which have a PPT value under $40,000 from taxes immediately. Then, beginning on 2016, they phase out “eligible manufacturing” personal property taxes over the next six years. The bills exempt hundreds of millions of dollars, and while SB 1072 suggests expiring ax credits will fund a portion of the lost revenue – no specific revenue estimates from Treasury have been produced. So, the exact impact on these bills to each community and other entities which rely on PPT is still unknown.

The bills now move to the Senate floor for consideration. While we are not sure which day the Senate plans on taking these bills up, the Majority Leader has indicated he hoped it is soon. Approval of this Legislation would be financially devastating to Michigan’s communities, including our cities, villages, counties, townships, libraries and schools. It would also harm local taxpayers.

The Michigan Municipal League is part of a coalition of organizations (called Replace Don’t Erase) that is staunchly opposed to these bills. We’ve testified against them and participated in a press conference in opposition to the bills. The League and other organizations in the Replace Don’t Erase coalition also proposed an alternative to SBs 1065-1072, a solution that would scrap the PPT altogether and guarantee replacement funding for all the revenues being taken from local communities and schools.

It is imperative that you contact your Senator now and let them know what the impact would be if these bills become law and urge them to vote NO on SBs 1065-1072. For further information, please go to Media throughout the state also has voiced strong opposition to these bills calling the package “despicable”, “unacceptable,” “murky”, “a money grab,” “convoluted, “a nightmare for those who have to live through it” and many more colorful adjectives. View the media coverage here. Read the Coalition media statement.

Matt Bach is director of communications for the Michigan Municipal League. He can be reached at (734) 669-6317 an [email protected]

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