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Speaker Protocol

Audio Visual

The League will provide a speaker table, laptop, LCD projector, and screen for presentations. In most cases, a podium and microphone will be available as well.

Copyrighted Material

The speaker shall not provide copyrighted or other proprietary information to the League without permission from the owner of such material or rights and shall be solely responsible for any damages resulting from such disclosures. You shall be solely responsible for obtaining such permission and agree to indemnify for any claim that information or materials submitted by you infringe any third-party intellectual property right. You grant the League a nonexclusive license to use, copy, edit, modify, transmit, distribute and to create a derivative work of any information or material submitted by you for purposes of the program.


A League staff person will provide evaluations for training programs. The evaluations will be emailed to the member contact person for on-site training programs.

A League staff person will bring evaluations back to the League office. For on-site training programs the member contact person will mail the evaluations and sign-in sheet back to the League office.


There will be a table available for materials, such as books written by the speaker.

A League staff person will bring the handouts for attendees if the handouts were received by the deadline given. If handouts are received after the date given, they are the speakers’ responsibility and costs will not be reimbursed – you may call the League to see how many people are registered and how many handouts you need to bring with you to the program.

The League no longer provides handouts for sessions at Annual Convention or Capital Conference.


If you require a fee or honorarium, this must be mutually agreed upon prior to the date of the program. If your invoice is not submitted to MML within 30 days of the training program, it will not be paid.


A designated moderator or League staff person will introduce the session and the speaker.

On-site Training Programs

If you are presenting a program that is ACT 54 approved, you must sign the roster immediately after the program takes place.

You should refer all inquiries from members about on-site training programs to the League for scheduling.

The League will send the confirmation letter to the municipalities for all on-site training programs.

The League will be the initial and only contact with the municipality when booking on-site training programs until the date is established.


Adult learners need interaction. Your presentation should include an interactive component for every two hours of instruction.  (i.e.: talking to a partner, reviewing a case study, participating in a reflective exercise, etc)

Your contact information and logo can be on the handout; however no advertisement for your company can be included in the handout or on the overhead.


If you ask for a sleeping room and you don’t use it and you don’t cancel it with a League staff member or with the hotel, you will be charged for it.

The League will reimburse a coach airline ticket that has been booked at least 21 days in advance to assure the lowest possible fair.

The League will reimburse a reasonable amount for meals. If a meal is part of the program, you will be included in the meal count and an additional fee for the same meal will not be paid. For example if you are included in the count for dinner on 1/1/01 and you submit a bill for dinner on 1/1/01 the League will not pay for the dinner on the invoice.

If a speaker is within a 100 mile radius of the training site, housing is not usually provided unless it is determined to be a necessity. When housing is covered, the League will pick up the room, occupancy tax and meal charges only. Incidental charges (such as movies, laundry services, etc.) will not be covered by the League.

The League will pay the IRS mileage rate.

Updated March 2010

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