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Why an Elected Officials Academy?

The League has created the Elected Officials Academy to encourage local leaders to accept the challenge of learning on behalf of the community they serve.

The Mission Statement

The League’s Elected Officials Academy is a voluntary continuing education program established to encourage and recognize the efforts of local elected officials to become effective leaders.

Member Directed

The Academy program was developed under the review of a volunteer advisory committee which recommended the creation of an Elected Officials Academy advisory board. The board consists of elected city and village officials from around the state serving staggered three-year terms. The advisory board members are appointed by the League president and League Board of Trustees. The advisory board members must be enrolled in the EOA program.

Professionally Administered

The Academy will be administered by the League staff, under the direction of the League’s executive director.

Individual Eligibility

Participation in the EOA is open to individuals serving as an elected official in a member community.

Program Components

Elected officials will be recognized at four award levels for successfully completing a combination of the following program components:

• Core (mandatory) educational courses offered by the League

• Elective educational courses offered by the League

• Leadership service with the League and the National League of Cities (NLC)

• Attendance at the League and NLC conferences

• Educational courses from sources other than the League

• Advocacy at the state/federal level

Public Recognition

Local elected officials will be recognized with public acknowledgment and a series of four awards for their achievements as they advance through the Academy.

A special award will be given to a local governing body in which every member has completed one or more Academy levels

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