Duck Tails

In a bustling office where every cubicle had its stories to tell, a mysterious surprise appeared overnight. Miniature rubber ducks had taken residence in the most unexpected corners – perched atop computer monitors, nestled among paperwork, and even peeking out from behind potted plants.

The staff’s reactions were as diverse as their responsibilities. Laughter echoed down the corridors as the quacking surprises were discovered. Yet, as the day progressed, the mystery deepened. Whispers fluttered like feathers in the air: “Who could be behind this whimsical conspiracy?”

As the clock struck noon, an unexpected announcement reverberated through the office speakers. A voice crackled with amusement, confessing to orchestrating the duck invasion, though the culprit remained unknown.

However, amidst the laughter and amusement, the mystery took an unexpected turn. The prank transformed into a charitable quest, urging colleagues to support a noble cause for duck habitats and wildlife conservation. With an offer to match every dollar raised, the prank became an opportunity for goodwill.

With a heartfelt plea, everyone was invited to participate in this charitable endeavor. “Let’s ensure this quacky affair leaves a lasting impact,” rallied the voice. “Let’s band together and make a genuine difference for our feathered friends!”

And so, what began as a perplexing prank evolved into an enigmatic quest for a benevolent purpose. The office embraced the mystery, joining forces to support a cause greater than their amusement. As rubber ducks continued to perch in unexpected corners, the staff eagerly turned themselves in for a noble and charitable mission, relishing the ongoing mystery that had brought them together in an unexpected way.

-Donald Duck

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