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Annual Business Meeting

The annual business meeting and convention are held each fall at a time and location determined by the elected MML Board of Trustees.

At the meeting, six new Trustees are elected and the League membership votes on policies presented for discussion and decision. Each member city and village has an equal voice in this process. Prior to the meeting, the governing body of each municipality appoints a representative to cast the municipality's vote.

If a resolution or motion is to be considered by the membership at the annual meeting, it must be either:

  • Submitted to the meeting by the Board of Trustees, or

  • Submitted in writing to the Board of Trustees as an official action of the governing body of a member city or village at least 90 days before the date of the annual meeting.

Exceptions to this rule are procedural matters that have to do with the conduct of the meeting and incidental matters relating to resolutions or motions properly presented to the meeting.

Proposed resolutions must be state in clear and concise language and must be accompanied by a statement setting forth the reasons for recommending the proposed resolutions. The Board considers the proposals at a meeting before the convention and makes a recommendation on the advisability of adopting each resolution or a modification of it.



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