League Foundation

Helen D. Johnson, President, MML Foundation
[email protected], 734.669.6336

League Foundation

The Foundation helps create and maintain vibrant communitiesin Michigan by funding placemaking projects and educating community leaders and advocates. We recognize that communities are economic drivers, so we play a key role in connecting communities to opportunities to help them grow and thrive.

The Foundation raises funds to support key League initiatives and scholarships, including:

  • John Barr Scholarship, helps local elected and appointed officials get training with a leadership component and practical application to the individual’s role as a public official.
  • Tim Doyle Scholarship, helps newly elected officials attend the Elected Officials Academy Core Weekender seminar.
  • George D. Goodman Scholarship, encourages high school and college students to pursue careers in public service.
  • Youth Scholarship Fund, covers expenses for young people to attend the National League of Cities City Summit.

For more information, please visit www.mmlfoundation.org.

“With municipalities facing such budget crunches, things like professional development and education are some of the programs they are cutting. Having a scholarship like this is crucial. It’s worth its weight in gold if a community has had to cut these items from their budget.”

~ Jon Emaus, Councilmember, City of Brighton

“I believe in good government and the mission of the Michigan Municipal League – to help improve the individuals who are responsible for good government. You can’t do that without continually educating those in the role to make good policy decisions.”

~ Carla Gribbs, Regional Manager, DTE Energy

“The League is a unique operation and it’s outstanding at what it does. Investing in the Foundation allows the League to offer better educational programs and try new things. Communities will benefit from getting elected officials better informed.”

~ Jeff Jenks, Commissioner, City of Huntington Woods

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