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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



I am interested in receiving copies of new bills introduced in the legislature. Is the any way to get on the legislature’s mailing list?

The Michigan Legislature maintains an interactive, user friendly web site You can also access it through Related Sites. You can search for a bill by number, by sponsor or by text. The web site is updated frequently and gives the current language of the bill, as well as its current status.

If you don’t have Internet access at home, your local library may have computers available.

Please send us a copy of Public Act 113.

Because of the time required to keep these current as changes are made by the legislature, we do not attempt to keep copies of all Michigan Public Acts. They can be downloaded from the Internet or ordered from the Library of Michigan. The Internet site is or you can reach it through a link on the MML web site. If you order a hard copy from the Library of Michigan (517-373-1291) there is a nominal charge for copying.

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