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Michigan Medical Marijuana in the News


November 4, 2008:
Michigan voters approved a ballot initiative that legalized medical marijuana.

December 4, 2008:
Michigan’s Medical Marijuana law takes effect. The law required the Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH) to implement rules within 120 days.

April 4, 2009:
MDCH adopts rules to implement the Act.

As of 6/29/10, the state had issued 29,453 cards—20,548 patients cards and 8,905 caregiver cards.

MDCH keeps a confidential list of the individuals to whom it has issued cards, which is exempt from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act.

In November 2008, Michigan voters passed a referendum to enable certain specified persons to legally obtain, possess, cultivate/grow, use, and distribute marijuana. The "Medical Marihuana Act" went into effect on December 4, 2008, with a key element missing, however--how medical marijuana will be dispensed. As a result, municipalities are grappling with how to respond to the Act.

On this page you'll find recent news stories from around the state, on how local communities are dealing with the issue, and how courts are handling the legal cases that are putting the new law to the test in various ways.

We will continue to add to this list regularly as new stories develop.

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Media Coverage:

Below you'll find an updated list of recent news stories on the medical marijuana issue in communities throughout Michigan. The stories do not reflect a particular position on the issue, and in fact show a wide range of journalistic treatment of the subject. They are presented here to provide a resource on how medical marijuana is being covered by the press as it relates to Michigan communities.


Attorney General: Police Don't Have to Return Medical Marijuana 11/12/11

Michigan Medical Marijuana Sellers Close up Shop After Ruling 8/26/11

Michigan Appeals Court Says Medical Marijuana Can't be Sold in Dispensaries 8/24/11

Saginaw News Editorial: Law Needs Clarification, Not New Restrictions 7/7/11

Brighton Bans Commercial Pot Sales 7/8/11

Ann Arbor Adopts Non-Disclosure Policy 7/6/11

Bay City's MM Ban May be Extended Another Year 6/22/11

Judge Rules State Medical Marijuana Law Unconstitutional 6/21/11

Michigan's medical marijuana act continues to raise concerns 6/22/11

Opposing Points of View on Medical pot Law's Gray Areas 6/9/11

Bill Would Give Immunity to Cities in Medical Marijuana Suits 6/9/11

Ann Arbor City Attorney Says Dilmma is Extreme for Regulating Dispensaries 6/7/11

Bill Stirs Medical Marijuana Debate 5/31/11

Medical Marijuana Sellers Run Risk of Raids, Group Says 5/31/11

Ottawa County Turns Over Medical Marijuana Records 5/28/11

Advocate Tires to Minimize Medical Marijuana Confusion 5/28/11

Has Obama Administration Flip-Flopped on Medical Marijuana Issue? 5/11/11

Two Years In and There's Still Medical Marijuana Confusion 5/2/11

Community Advisory Board: Legilsature Needs to End Confusion 4/22/11

Is It Time for Michigan to End the Medical Argument? 4/21/11

Editorial: Abuse of Marijuana Law Makes it Harder for Everyone 4/14/11

Medical Marijuana Law Needs a Major Overhaul 4/14/11

Farmington Hills Council Says Ordinance Hits the Mark 4/12/11

State Treasury: Michigan Can't Collect Sales Tax on Medical Marijuana Sales 4/12/11

Medical Marijuana Advocates: Catch 22 - 3/17/11

Push to Fix Hazy Pot Law Grows - 4/3/11

Dispensary Discrepancy - 3/30/11

Medical Marijuana Industry Rapidly Grows Mainstream 3/30/11

Proposed Ordinance Would Allow Dispensaries in Fenton Industrial Park - 3/30/11

Attorney General Files Two Amicus Briefs to Clarify MI Medical Marijuana Act - 3/30/11

Oakland Co. Prosecutor Says Medical Marijuana Out of Control - 3/25/11

Holland Eyes Tighter Medical Marijuana Rules - 3/26/11

Albion City Council Passes Six-Month Moratorium - 3/23/11

Governments Move to Control Medical Pot - 3/22/11

New Ordinance Allows Dispensaries in Parts of East Lansing - 3/21/11

Law Enforcement, Patients Fired Up - 3/20/11

Regulations Vary in 15 States - 3/16/11

Holly Approves Medical Marijuana Dispensary Ordinance - 3/16/11

Medical Marijuana Not a Joke to Everyone - 3/15/11

Attorney General Says Medical Marijuana Law No Defense for Drivers - 3/10/11

Dexter Extends Moratorium, Discusses Regional Ordinance - 3/15/11

Regulations Poised for Approval by Muskegon City Commission - 3/12/11

AG Joins Grand Traverse County Medical Marijuana Lawsuit - 3/11/11

Genesee County Governments Choosing Moratoriums - 3/11/11

Municipalities Should Seize Opportunity to Regulate Medical Marijuana - 3/9/11

Wayland Passes New Marijuana Moratorium - 3/9/11

Drug Felons Will Be Prohibited From Operating Ann Arbor Marijuana Dispensaries - 3/8/11

Muskegon Proposes to Limit Locations, Regulate Operations - 3/5/11

Dearborn to Regulate Some Medical Marijuana Users - 3/4/11

Is the Medical Marijuana Law Abused? - 3/3/11

Mundy Twp Passes Six-Month Moratorium - 3/2/11

Video: Michigan's Medical Marijuana Confusion - 3/1/11

League Resources Cited in Legal News Update on Legal Problems with MMA Law

Romeo Puts 6-Month Moratorium in Place - 2/23/11

Clinton Business Raided - 2/23/11

Washington Twp Law Limits Caregivers Per House - 2/23/11

Employers Get Help With Law in Workplace-2/23/11

Update on Forest Township Dispensary - 2/23/11

Cutting Through the Haze - 2/24/11

A Tale of Two Ordinances: East Lansing and Lansing

MM Dispensary Opens Without a Fight in Rural Forest Township

Feds Want Michigan to Give up Medical Marijuana Files

Video: Expert Says Medical Marijuana Regulation Has to Come from Local Gov

ACLU to Appeal Ruling in Medical Marijuana Case

Poll Says MI Voters Still Approve of Medical Marijuana Law

Medical Marijuana Update

Huntington Woods Extends Medical Marijuana Ban

Medical Marihuana Legal Advice: Make a Municipal Plan Now

Ypsilanti City Council Decides Dispensary Licenses First Come, First Served

Royal Oak: Medical Pot Case Adjourned

EL Dispensary Regulations on Hold

Fenton, Linden Extend Temporary Bans on Dispensaries

Farmington Hills Ordinance Passed Back to Attorney

Medical Marijuana Options Weighed in Allegan Township

Dispensaries Poppung Up Around Genesee County; Officials Unsure How to Regulate

Courts Deal Double Blow to Medical Marijuana Advocates

State Court of Appeals Rejects Claim in Dismissed Grand Haven Case

Auburn City Commission Attempts to Halt Medical Marijuana Facilities inside City Limits

Dexter Officials Attend Medical Marijuana Session

Workshops to Explain Michigan Medical Marijuana Law

Letter: Community Will Benefit from Common Local Policies on Medical Marijuana

Marijuana Issue Lingers; DDA-City Deal Stalls

Is Legalizing Marijuana the Right Thing to Do?

Holland Planners Table Medical Marijuana Clinics Again

Law and Disorder

Bill Would Ban Medical Pot Clubs

Royal Oak Passes Medical Marijuana Restrictions

City Commission Has Choice with Moratorium Due to Expire Feb. 13

Moratorium Expiring in Royal Oak

Romeo Could Place Temporary Moratorium

Moratorium on Ludington City Council Agenda

National Guard Raid Pilots Spot Marijuana in Alanson Couple's Yard

Op Ed: Solve Medical Marijuana Issues Through Legislation Not Litigation

MI Court of Appeals: Medical Marijuana Act is Not Retroactive

Allegan Township Puts Moratorium on Medical Weed

Gaines Township Approves New Rules for Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana Advocates Plan to Rally in Grand Rapids

Adrian Township Imposes Medical Marijuana Facility Moratorium

Group Invites Attorneys to Analyze Michigan's Medical Marijuana Laws

City of Holland Examines Medical Marijuana Regulations

Rochester Hills Extends Moratorium on Medical Marijuana

Our Voice: Clear the Haze that Clouds Legal Medical Marijuana in Michigan

Sanilac Community Gets Behind Business; Pot Center Proves Worth to Township

Dexter Commission Sends Medical Marijuana Ordinance to Council

Local Municipalities Still Waiting for State Direction on Medical Marijuana

Web Reactions to Medical Marijuana Law Media Coverage

Feds Taking Michigan to Court for Access to Medical Marijuana Records

Adrian Planners Recommend Medical Marijuana Rules

White Lake Township Extends Moratorium on Medical Marijuana

Ann Arbor City Council Addresses Medical Marijuana Protestors

City of Portage considers 6-month moratorium on medical-marijuana dispensaries

Hearing on Ferrysburg medical pot law Thursday

City wants medical marijuana moratorium

MM Review: Photos from Michigan Medical Marihuana Act Session at League Convention

GR Press calls on legislature to fix medical marijuana laws

Ann Arbor news roundup: January 4

Petoskey News: Medical Marijuana Issue Heads to the Courts

Royal Oak Patch: State Officials May Have to Solve Medical Marijuana Dispute

Presque Isle Co. Advance: Commission Uses MML Review of Marijuana Law

Lansing State Journal: Groups Seek Moratorium on Medical Marijuana

Kalamazoo Gazette: Good Medicine or Legal Chaos?

Oakland Press: Negotiated Consensus can Fix Medical Marijuana Law





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