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The Michigan Municipal League’s Unemployment Fund Group Account

The League’s Unemployment Compensation Fund provides a comprehensive unemployment compensation solution for our participating members.  The Fund was established to provide members with a group account for paying unemployment claims to the Unemployment Insurance Agency.

What is a Group account?
A Group account is a system whereby risk is shared, but not pooled, throughout the group members. Members make payments to the Fund on the basis of their claims history once they have been a member of the Group account for one year. 

What are some benefits of the Group account?

  • The Group reimbursing account removes some of the immediate risks and uncertainties related to unemployment.

  • It allows a governmental entity to budget its unemployment expenditure. This cannot be done as a direct employer.

  • It provides the services of the Michigan Municipal League & the expertise of claims management specialists, Equifax Workforce Solutions.

  • Personalized training and educational opportunities are available.

  • The Fund allows for members to enjoy the benefit of spreading claims costs over a longer period of time.


Memorandum: Unemployment Act Changes August 2012 (PDF)

Unemployment Procedures Manual (07/2014)

Michigan Employment Security Act Amendments (PDF)
As you may know, there have been numerous amendments to the Michigan Employment Security Act, which are included in Public Acts 267, 268, and 269 of 2011.  One amendment in particular will affect members of the Michigan Municipal League’s Group Unemployment Program.  Effective with the first quarter of 2012, the unemployment taxable wage base will increase to $9,500 (from $9,000).  The League has updated its systems to ensure compliance with this amendment and members will notice the change on their first quarter contribution report.

Mandy Reed
Human Resources Specialist
Ph: 734-669-6361 / E-mail

Michael Pennanen
Equifax Workforce Solutions
Ph: 800-510-6160 ext. 2950 / E-mail





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