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Judge Grants Plaintiffs' Motion for Preliminary Injunction on PA 269!

On Feb. 5, U.S. District Court Judge O'Meara issued a preliminary injunction to stop the enforcement of a "gag order" provision in PA 269 that unconstitutionally was keeping school district and local government officials from communicating with voters before the March 8 election. Judge O'Meara said that public officials deserve clarity on this issue so they can serve the public without fear of arbitrary sanction or prosecution. League President Jack O'Reilly said the injunction confirms that this law was overreaching and trying to solve a problem that didn't exist. To read the lawsuit, issue summary, sample resolutions, and more, visit our PA 269 resource page.

League Foundation Launches Fundraising Campaign, Offers Prizes

From now until Capital Conference, the League Foundation is seeking donations to help continue the work of educating local officials. The individual who donates the most will receive a free registration to the 2016 Convention on Mackinac Island. The community that donates the most will get League help with a placemaking project. Read more.

League Insurance Boards Announce 2016 Member Dividends

Hundreds of Michigan communities will share nearly $11 million in dividends for keeping their communities safe for their employees and citizens - $2.4 million to members of the Liability & Property Pool and $8.4 million to members of the MML Workers' Compensation Fund. More.

Flint Water Crisis Exposes Threat to Michigan's Comeback

The Flint water crisis is like a fusion bomb of neglect, indifference, and bad policy that exploded in disaster, revealing the true condition of our state, and the corrosive approach of state leadership. The crisis exposed the gutting of funding to municipalities and much more. Read more. .

Snapchat Offers New Platform to Engage Millennnials in Placemaking

The popularity of social media platform Snapchat has grown exponentially in the past year, especially with the 13-34 age group. The app could serve as a vital community resource to improve communication, reach a younger audience, and attract new residents. Read more.

Lend Your Help and Support During the Flint Water Crisis!

People all over Flint are in need of our help! The news is filled with stories of the serious health and environmental challenges they are facing as a result of the city's lead-contaminated water. For links to resources on ways you can help, check out our Flint Water Crisis page.

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