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Communities with Pension/OPEB "Underfunded Status" Identified

The final OPEB-pension "underfunded status" list is out now. The large number of communities on the list representing all corners of the state further demonstrates how Michigan's system for funding municipalities is broken and needs fixing. Without meaningful municipal financial reform, more and more Michigan communities will continue to struggle. On May 17, the Michigan Department of Treasury released the highly anticipated list of communities that they have declared as being in "underfunded" status for either their pension or health insurance offerings. More than 100 local units now find themselves moving on to the "Corrective Action Plan" phase of the process. Read more.

Local Governments are the Big Losers Under Michigan's Term Limits

Under Michigan's term limits, legislators lack the experience and the institutional knowledge they used to have. The result: "In the decade from 2002 to 2012, Michigan was the only state that decreased its spending on municipal governments and the services they provide, making local governments the big losers under term limits." Read more.

You Need to Know! Event Shares Strategies to Battle the Opioid Crisis

America's opioid crisis has decimated communities, destroyed families, and become a financial crisis for local governments. Join us for The Opioid Crisis in Michigan Communities, an educational and networking event where you'll learn how local governments are battling the crisis. Fenton, June 12. More sessions in August. More.

Michigan Property Values Roar Back, but Many Communities Left Behind

Property values are rising in Michigan, which helps owners but has been less helpful to many older municipalities. That's been true since Proposal A and the Headlee Amendment went into effect. "It's a horribly designed system," said the League's Tony Minghine. More.

Podcast Shares Insights from Michigan Political Reporters

Journalism has changed a lot in recent years due to the Internet and social media. On this week's Michigan Politics, Huh? podcast, get tips on how to get local government stories covered from Michigan political reporters Emily Lawler and Jonathan Oosting. Tune in now.

Community Excellence Awards Deadline Approaching!

We love hearing about all the creative projects going on in our communities and sharing that news with everyone in Michigan and beyond. But first, you need to enter this year's Community Excellence Awards. Want to be the next winner in the Race for the Cup? Enter by June 15!

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