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June 5, 2012
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May 26, 2012

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Conflicts Between Michigan Fireworks Law and Local Noise Ordinances Highlighted by Criminal Charge Against Kalamazoo Township Man

Why We Pay More for Walkable Neighborhoods

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Increases to EVIP/Revenue Sharing for 2012/2013 Pass Conference Committee

Last week, a conference committee of both House and Senate members passed SB 954, which makes appropriations for EVIP/revenue sharing. In the bill, there is an increase of $15 million for the EVIP program, which will bring that total to $225 up from $210 million this year. In addition, the competitive grants saw an increase of $10 million, bringing that total to $15 million - up from $5 million currently. As far as the qualifications for the three categories, the biggest news is that the existing category 3 language for pursuing the pension parameters OR compliance with PA 152 as two paths to qualify for the funding was retained for next year.

State Affairs Update

Municipal Loan Bills Pass House Committee - Last week the House Local Government Committee reported House Bills 5566-5570, a package that amends the Emergency Municipal Loan Act to include school districts and amend the criteria for qualifying. The substitute for HB 5566 (the main bill in the package) adopted by the committee is available here. The current statute does not allow school districts to qualify for emergency loans. The legislation allows school districts to qualify. In addition it requires that a municipality have levied the maximum number of mills it is authorized to levy as approved by the voters and also one of three new criteria. MORE>

Community Revitalization and Business Development Programs Funded at $100 Million Again!

Budget Conference Committee Preserves Fire Protection Grants

Transportation "Best Practices" Bill Passes House Committee

House Committee Considers Employee Internet Privacy Legislation

House Passes New Mandates to Require Additional Information Posting By Locals

MDOT Call for Projects High Risk Rural Roads Program FY 2014

MEDC Announces New Business Initiatives

Interacting with the State - Michigan Shared Services Community

Federal Update

Federal Transportation Negotiations Begin to Sour - Recent reports from the conference committee tackling a new transportation authorization is that negotiations may have hit a stand still. Not only does the House Republican legislative agenda for the remainder of spring and summer not even mention transportation, but several House Republicans are now demanding a floor vote instructing House conferees to limit transportation spending to the funding available in the Highway Trust Fund. This would reduce transportation funding by at least 34% and conflict with the Senate bill that was passed last month. MORE>

Rural Areas and Good Transit

Public Safety Broadband Network Webinar

2013 Federal Budget Update: House Passes Level Funding for COPS

Traffic Sign and Other Regulations Eliminated or Curtailed

2013 Federal budget - House and Senate Talking Different Languages

21st Century Communities

Walker High School Seniors Make a Point - Here's a thought provoking story out of Walker.  Seems as if 64 seniors decided to do something a bit different as part of the end of year prank tradition.  They rode their bikes to school and paraded them in front of an assembly. As recounted by "Streetsblog" the initial response from the Kenowa High principal was to not only suspend them for the last day, but to ban them from walking at commencement!  After howls of protest from parents, the principal relented. MORE>

League CEO Keynotes Northern Michigan Placemaking Summit

Governing Magazine Leadership Forum to be Held June 7

Local Initiatives Giving Individuals Opportunity for Financial Stability

Sustainable Communities Leadership Academy Set for June 7-8 in Lansing, Sign Up Today

USDA Announces Farmers Market Promotion Program Grants

The Fund Book - Free Federal Funding Resource


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