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Personal Property Tax Details Emerge

Last week the League met with the Lieutenant Governor to discuss the latest details on personal property tax.

In short the plan includes the following:

  • Local units of government can levy an essential services assessment (ESA) on industrial real property to replace 100% of lost PPT revenue for police and fire. The specifics of the formula are yet to be given.
  • The ESA is an option for businesses. They can either continue to pay PPT OR opt into the ESA.
  • They intend to replace 80% of everything else (not police and fire) using a percentage of the use tax. It would require a statewide vote of the people to allow the authority to take a portion of the use tax. They are using the battery credits as a barometer for the amount they’ll need in the use tax, but they are saying it would be no more than 1.5% of the 6% use tax to replace PPT. According to the Department of Treasury, 1.5% of the use tax = $300 million. The estimated losses for all local units of government is $470 million. MORE>

State Affairs Update

Past Due Amounts To Be Required on Annual Tax Bills - The House Tax Policy Committee took testimony on an S-1 substitute for SB 972 (Sen. Hildenbrand, R-Lowell). This bill would require local municipalities to include past due amounts on all tax bills. Specifically, it will require that a taxpayer be notified of delinquent property taxes on the property as of March 1. This will be included in the already-required yearly statement to taxpayers informing them of the property value of the property and the amount of tax due on that property. The bill also requires that the statement include contact information for the county treasurer. This new notice requirement only applies to taxes returned to the county treasurer in the year that they were returned. The Committee is expected to vote on the bill on November 20.

Interacting with the State - Michigan Shared Services Community

Federal Update

With the Election Over, Congressional Leaders Stake Out Position on Fiscal Cliff - Wasting no time at all, both Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (R-NV) and House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) have made statements today saying they have no plans to back down from their stances regarding expiring tax cuts and massive spending reductions which will go into effect at the end of the year, a situation known as the "fiscal cliff." They are set to return to work today. The League has been advocating for a balanced approach to resolving the crisis, which the Congressional Budget Office has warned could result in another recession.

US Department of Transportation Seeking Local Feedback on National Environmental Policy Act

Tell Your Story: The FCC Wants to Hear About PEG in Your Community

MAP-21 Resources Available

21st Century Communities

Art's Contribution to the Gross Domestic Product Will Be Calculated - Many policymakers and arts advocacy groups have argued that the creative sector impacts the economy. One of the Center for 21st Century Communities "8 Assets" that make communities better places to live is Cultural Economic Development, which hinges on the argument that artists, creative industries and professionals, museums, festivals, and other facets of the creative sector make communities attractive and generate a positive impact on the economy. However, in my time interviewing artists and arts organizations as a journalist, one of the biggest needs they frequently identify is the need for more hard data and better sources of proof. MORE>

Big Data for Small Communities

Benefits of City & University Partnerships

Grandville Community Excellent Award-Winning Project

The Fund Book - Free Federal Funding Resource


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