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February 16, 2010

Governor Proposes Flat Revenue Sharing for FY 2011 Budget

The Governor last week presented her 2011 budget. She proposed no cuts to revenue sharing....or flat funding for each unit based on 2010 levels. With a deficit of $1.7B dollars, she is relying on over $700 million in federal funds to help balance the budget. She is also recommending a sales tax on services and lowering the total rate to 5.5 cents. MORE>

State Affairs Update

Senate Passes Watered Down Reform Bills – Last week the Senate reported SBs 1072, 1085 and 1085, reforms to PA 312 and the Urban Cooperation Act. Unfortunately these bills do NOT help local units contain costs nor do they remove barriers to consolidation. These bills do not represent real government reform, and their passage will only hinder real reform from happening in the future. MORE>

PA 312 Continues to Hamstring Communities

League Joins Foreclosure Task Force; Help Fight Foreclosure Rescue Scams

Telling Your Story: Foreclosure and Impacts on Your Community

Local Bridge Program Looking for Applicants

New Road Workshop Scheduled

Energy Assistance for Residents

Federal Update

Broadband Funding Applications Now Available –
Applications for broadband projects under Round 2 of the Recovery Act are now being taken and will be accepted until March 15th at 5 pm. Applications and application guides are available through the Broadband USA website. MORE>

Capital Conference Hosts U.S. Transportation Secretary, April 13-14

Rights-of-way Threat at Federal Communications Commission

Scaled-back Jobs Package Introduced in U.S. Senate

Federal Budget Good for Communities

Locals Awarded Energy Grants

Census Workshops Offered

Census 2010 Information

Michigan Recovery Act Funding Tracking Map Created

League Federal Webpage

21st Century Communities

Michigan Municipal League Hosts Two Events on City Revitalization – “We need jobs” is the mantra of many when it comes to improving Michigan’s economy. So why should we care about cities? The answer is simple: Vibrant cities create jobs. That was one key message of two events hosted at the Lansing offices of the Michigan Municipal League Friday. MORE>

A Trek Towards a Walkable Community

Urban Revitalization Grants Available

Google Proposes Fiber for Communities

Smarter Cities Leadership Forum

Marquette Needs Your Vote!

Studio Space Spurs Ypsilanti’s Creative Economy

Form-based Codes Guidebook

Charrette Training Available

Going Green Yields Green Savings

Cities of Service to Increase Community Volunteerism

Save the Date

EOA Core Weekender
Feb 26-27 Frankenmuth

EOA Advanced Weekender
Feb 26-27, Frankenmuth

Capital Conference

April 13-14, Lansing

Regional Seminars
May/June 2010

The Buzz

An Era of Federal Opportunity for Cities and Regions
Neal Pierce, 2/13/10

What's New
Local Governments Respond to Growing Interest in Medical Marijuana

BusinessPromote Cities, and State Can Surge

Michigan Municipal League Official to Speak at Jackson Citizens for Economic Growth Event

January/February 2010 Michigan MunicipalReview

League’s New PA 312 Webpage

New Events Newsletter: The Loop, Your Source for Municipal Education

Grants & Projects

Wood Energy Preliminary Assessment Grants

Michigan Humanities Council Grants/Events

MI Housing Community Development Funds

Federal Brownfield Funding

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