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February 9, 2010

Tax Reform - A Hot Topic at Capital Conference, April 13-14

Experts on tax restructuring will take center stage at the League’s Capital Conference to explain what Michigan needs to bounce back. Most agree we should start with major government reform. MORE>

State Affairs Update

2010 State of the State: An Economic Development Perspective – Last week, Governor Granholm presented her final State of the State. She highlighted many economic development successes of Michigan and the MEDC, and also proposed a few new legislative solutions to aide economic development. While it is disappointing that she did not specifically discuss working with local communities statewide to reinvent Michigan to attract the new knowledge/creative class, she did talk about a variety of issues that will help communities and our residents and businesses. MORE>

Unions Testify at Second PA 312 Hearing

MDOT Program Updates

Road Stimulus Part II?

Is there Video Competition in Your Community

Mayoral Summit on Afterschool Programs

Energy Assistance for Residents

Federal Update

"Let’s Talk Transportation" at Capital Conference, April 13-14
With a new federal transportation funding bill being debated in Washington, communities that are collaborating together on multi-modal transportation plans need additional funding incentives. The establishment of the "Sustainable Communities Partnership" between USDOT, HUD and EPA represents a significant shift among federal agencies as to how transportation works in concert with land use, housing, community development and the environment. Come listen as to how this shift in policy will impact communities and transportation funding into the future. More>

Federal Budget Good for Communities

Locals Awarded Energy Grants

Broadband Funding and Workshop Information

Census Workshops Offered

Broadband Applicants Now Have On-line Tool

Census 2010 Information

Michigan Recovery Act Funding Tracking Map Created

League Federal Webpage

21st Century Communities

League to Host Dan Burden for Workshop on Walkability – Dan Burden, an international expert on walkability, is scheduled to lead a workshop on Friday, February 12, 2010 at our Capitol Office in Lansing. Come see first hand why Time Magazine listed him as one of the six most important Civic Innovators in the World. MORE>

Charrette Training Available

Michigan Main Street Information Webinars

Measuring the Health of the Arts

PBS Show to Highlight Detroit and Transportation

Main Street Program Recognizes More Michigan Communities

Going Green Yields Green Savings

Nurturing Success

League Co-Sponsor of Smart Growth Conference

Cities of Service to Increase Community Volunteerism

Save the Date

EOA Core Weekender
Feb 26-27 Frankenmuth

EOA Advanced Weekender
Feb 26-27, Frankenmuth

Capital Conference

April 13-14, Lansing

Regional Seminars
May/June 2010

The Buzz

'Prosperity Agenda' Radio Show Sends Out
S.O.S. to Save Michigan

Great Lakes Gazette, 1/28/2010

What's New

10 Places to See in Michigan in 2010

Support the Arts and Let’s Save Michigan

1000 Nights in Michigan

January/February 2010 Michigan MunicipalReview

League’s New PA 312 Webpage

New Events Newsletter: The Loop, Your Source for Municipal Education

Grants & Projects

Wood Energy Preliminary Assessment Grants

Michigan Humanities Council Grants/Events

MI Housing Community Development Funds

Federal Brownfield Funding

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21c3 Website

MI Legislature

MI Senate

MI House of Reps


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