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January 5, 2010

Conference: Register Online Jan. 13 for Early Bird Rate!

Join us April 13-14 for Capital Conference, Lansing! Register online Jan. 13 - March 15 and save $35! Why Capital Conference? Most agree Michigan needs budget reform, but the dicey part is how to do it. In a political landscape itching for change, we'll show you where to find success and introduce you to the movement for a complete government overhaul that’s long overdue. MORE>


State Affairs Update

Legislature Returning Jan 13, 2010 – While League staff has been busy with several workgroups and other meetings with legislators this week, official House and Senate floor action and committees will not begin until next week. The Constitutional first day of session is Wednesday, January 13th and the House and Senate (as well as their committees) will resume then. MORE>

Governor Signs Mobile Home Rentals Inspection Law

MML Secures Amendment to Try and Protect Future Revenue Sharing

Year End Update on Environmental Issues

Seeking Nominations for 2010 Clerk of the Year Award

Federal Update

Congress Passes 2010 Funding Key Programs; Michigan Nets Funding for 150 Projects – The $1.1 trillion consolidated spending bill (H.R. 3288) passed by the Congress, contains funding for programs of importance to local communities including transportation, housing, crime prevention and community development. The good news is that, in many program areas, the funding remained level or increased. MORE>

Federal Jobs Bill Includes Infrastructure Funding, No Match Requirement

Michigan Project Receives Broadband Funding

Local Government Advocates File Petition Against FCC Cell Tower Ruling

Support Federal PEG Legislation

EPA Grant Funding Available

Ready to be Counted?

Michigan Recovery Act Funding Tracking Map Created

League Federal Webpage

21st Century Communities

Going Green Yields Green Savings – More and more literature these days suggests that one of our eight assets of vibrant 21st century communities, "green initiatives", is not just for those who believe its the right thing to do for our environment. No, going green can yield substantial economic dividends as well. MORE>

Nurturing Success

Lawmakers Support Walkable Communities

Art and the Town-Gown Gap

Ferndale and Rochester Named 2010 Great American Main Street Semifinalists

League Co-Sponsor of Smart Growth Conference

Cities of Service to Increase Community Volunteerism

Climate Action Map Initiative

Save the Date

Newly Elected Officials Training
Jan 12, Huntington Woods

Public Employment Law Seminar
Jan 20, Lansing

MLGMA Winter Institute
Feb 2-5, Grand Rapids

Capital Conference

April 13-14, Lansing

Regional Seminars
May/June 2010

The Buzz

Editorial: Raise My Taxes
Detroit Free Press, 1/3/2010

What's New

Poster Contest Aims to Turn Michigan Around

November/December 2009 Michigan MunicipalReview

League’s New PA 312 Webpage

New Events Newsletter: The Loop, Your Source for Municipal Education

Grants & Projects

Wood Energy Preliminary Assessment Grants

Michigan Humanities Council Grants/Events

MI Housing Community Development Funds

Federal Brownfield Funding

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21c3 Website

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MI Senate

MI House of Reps


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